Volume 15, No.4 - April 2011

Feature articles

Financing for development: Facing new challenges


When Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed the special high-level meeting on financing for development last month, he urged that the course charted for should be truly sustainable, equitable development. “The world is still reeling from the financial and economic crisis. The path to recovery has been slow, fragile and uneven. Rising debt levels, growing inequality and social exclusion are real concerns,” he stated. Read more

Public governance for results


Achieving effective outcomes in public administration has become increasingly challenging. This is a result of the rise in demand for public goods and services following natural disasters caused by climate change and devastation due to conflict. Disasters and conflicts cause tremendous destruction to global economic, political and social infrastructures and negatively impact the living conditions of world populations. Read more

Opportunity for agreement on ‘green economy’


“Rio+20 is humanity’s chance to commit to a transition to a green economy, to lift people out of poverty. We cannot wait another 20 years,” said Sha Zukang, Secretary-General of the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development and Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, at a news conference in New York on 8 March, following a preparatory meeting for Rio+20. Read more

Publications and websites

Statistical compilations

The Population and Vital Statistics Report (Online)

The Population and Vital Statistics Report (Online)

The report includes data for countries or areas on population size (total, male, and female) from the latest available census, and the number and rate of vital events (live births, deaths, and infant deaths) for the latest available year. These data are presented as reported by national statistical authorities to the Demographic Yearbook of DESA’s Statistics Division. Read more

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Comings and goings

The following staff members were promoted in March:

Isabelle Mc Kusick, Team Assistant, Division for Sustainable Development

Maria Melissa Paca, Statistics Assistant, Statistics Division

Simona Maria Chindea, Staff Assistant, Division for Sustainable Development

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