Volume 14, No.12 - December 2010

Feature articles

World’s largest minority needs to be included in the MDGs


Over 650 million people in the world have a disability; they make up approximately 10% of the world’s population and are the world’s largest minority. According to UNDP, around 80% of persons with disabilities live in developing countries. Worldwide trends, including the combination of population growth, population ageing and medical advances mean this group continues to grow. Read more

UN climate chief urges compromise at Cancún talks


The United Nations Climate Change Conference opened in Cancún, Mexico on 29 November, bringing together 193 nations and calling for a balanced and concrete outcome to meet one of today’s biggest challenges. Read more

Improving e-government through a citizen-centric approach


E-government is becoming the norm in countries around the world. Information and communications technologies, like the Internet and mobile networks, have evolved from being just an office tool to a transformation agent for the public sector. However, many challenges lie ahead. Governments must now shift their strategies from being supply-driven to focusing on the needs and demands of the end-users. Read more

Publications and websites

Technical reports

Pre-launch of the World Economic Situation and Prospects 2011

Chapter 1 of the flagship publication on “Global Outlook” will be launched on 1 December in New York.

The World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) is a joint product of DESA, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the five United Nations regional commissions. It provides an overview of recent global economic performance and short-term prospects for the world economy and of some key global economic policy and development issues. One of its purposes is to serve as a point of reference for discussions on economic, social and related issues taking place in various United Nations entities during the year. Read more

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Comings and goings

The following staff members were promoted in November:

Odd, Anderson, Statistician, Statistics Division

Madhushree Chatterjee, Senior Programme Officer, Strategic Planning Unit, Office of the Under-Secretary-General

Gabriela Guevara, Budget Assistant, Capacity Development Office

Leah Kennedy, Public Information Assistant, Development Policy and Analysis Division

Joshua Kneidl, Information Systems Officer, Statistics Division

Clare Menozzi, Population Affairs Officer, Population Division

Romain Perez, Sustainable Development Officer, Division for Sustainable Development

Yacob Zewoldi, Chief of Section, Statistics Division


The following staff members retired in November:

Marcela Guimaraes, Administrative Assistant, Executive Office

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