Sustainable Development

A family in Tarialan, Uvs Province, Mongolia, using a solar panel in 2009 to generate power for their ger, a traditional Mongolian tent. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Sustainable development is the international community’s most urgent priority, and the core aim of the post-2015 development agenda. ECOSOC operates at the centre of the UN system’s work on all three pillars of sustainable development—economic, social and environmental. It is the unifying platform for integration, action on sustainable development and follow-up and review.

As the umbrella for the UN’s functional and regional commissions, and operational and specialized agencies, it links the setting of global norms with their implementation. Across diverse fora, it brings together all the different people and partners involved in achieving sustainable development, while fueling broader awareness and action through sharing its own extensive knowledge and issue expertise.

Within the UN system, ECOSOC has the main responsibility for following up on all major past international conferences linked to the three pillars of sustainable development, and is carrying this experience through in the post-2015 world. As a hub for the exchange of knowledge and mutual learning, it has had an instrumental role in examining lessons learned from the Millennium Development Goals, assessing the transition into the post-2015 agenda, considering implementation issues, exploring the scope of a renewed global partnership and inviting youth to share their views on their future.

Important ECOSOC forums for exchanges around sustainable development comprise:

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