Youth delegates at the 47th CSocD session

Youth delegates at the 47th CSD session

47th Session, 4 – 13 February 2009 – New York


  • Breakfast briefing for youth delegates and youth NGOs
    4 February, 8.30-9.30 a.m., DC2-1337, Conference Room
  • Measuring Youth Development
    5 February (Flyer; Summary)
  • Volunteering, Children and Youth: the right to participate
    6 February (More information…)
  • Interactive dialogue on climate change solutions
    9 February (Flyer; Summary)






Youth Delegate from Finland Anna Ranki: (27); a political science student from Helsinki, is currently a member of the Finnish Youth Council (Allianssi), the Finnish Youth Centre and JEF-Finland. She has been a member of Allianssi’s international committee for two years and the international officer of the Finnish Youth Centre, working on Finnish youth policy. She was selected by the National Youth Council with co-operation Finnish UN Association. She was appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a term of eighteen months. She says that the UN, as well as all democratic institutions, should strive to divide power and participation equally, and that young people should be heard on the issues that affect them – which includes global issues.



Youth Delegate from Germany Astrid Schrader: (22); she is currently studying languages, business and cultural studies at the University of Passau. Her background is in European youth politics, more precisely in the European Students’ Forum AEGEE (Association des Etats généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe) where she organised a range of multiplier trainings, youth exchanges and conferences. Following numerous local level and EU project activities, she presided over the AEGEE European-level working group on education matters. Since 2006, she has been a member of the AEGEE Academy, the internal Human Resources Working Group responsible for internal education. Last year, she completed training on conflict mediation, and started projects in Greece and Poland to train young volunteers on project management, leadership, intercultural cooperation and EU higher education matters.


Republic of Korea

Youth Delegate from Korea Sul Ki Yi: (19); majoring in International Studies at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea. He has participated in various tournaments and competitions related to history, geography or social sciences. He believes that the United Nations is a place where global problems can be solved through negotiation and cooperation, since it is the largest group of states where all share equal rights and obligations. Furthermore he says that young people should play a larger role in addressing major global issues, as they are the ones who will inherit the outcome of the policies made today.



Youth Delegate from Netherlands Jordy Sweep: (21); studies law, management and economy at Tilburg University. He has been active in youth participation since the age of 15; first as a Youth Ambassador for his home town Tilburg and now as a Youth Delegate to the United Nations. One of his main hobbies is travelling, which he thinks is very important, as it provides an opportunity for an open-minded view, as well as an exchange of beliefs that enable people to learn from each other, no matter where they come from or what they do for a living. He is an advocate for increasing the capacity of young people, utilizing their knowledge in society and creating new opportunities for them. The selection process for youth delegates in the Netherlands begins with a review of applicant’s résumés and their answers to a questionnaire. The next stage involves a debate between 16 young people from which six semi-finalists are chosen. The candidates compete in pairs to receive the largest number of text-messages from supporters. The winner of each of these pairs makes it into the finals. The three finalists are presented at a big event on the evening of UN Day, 24th of October, where attendees vote for a winner. 



Youth Delegate from Portugal Rui Duarte: (24); He is currently studying International Relations in Coimbra at Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra. He is also a board member of the Portuguese National Youth Council responsible for employment and social affairs, as well as a board member of – Espacio IberoAmericano de Juventud. At the age of 16, he became a political activist in the organization, Portuguese Socialist Youth, a member of IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth). He is a strong advocate for youth representation and says that all UN Member States should have youth delegates in their official delegations to empower and allow them to participate in decisions that affect their lives. He says “In such processes, I believe in ‘Nothing about us, Without us'”.



Youth Delegate from Romania Alexandra Martin: (19); currently studying International Relations and European Studies in Timisoara at West University and also working at the National Agency for Supporting Youth Initiatives, in charge of the North-West Region. She began volunteering at the age of 14 and is currently the mayor of the Local Youth Council in Timisoara. She was chosen as a youth delegates after a national contest, organized by the ORICUM Association and National Youth Council with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Youth Authority. Statement made at plenary



Youth Delegate from Switzerland Danny Buerkli: (22); he is currently studying political science, public law and Islamic studies at the Universities of Zurich and Geneva. He is a longtime member of the Swiss Scout Movement and conducted several projects at local and national levels. Danny organized a study trip to Yemen and now serves on the board of management of the “Initiative for Intercultural Learning”, a student-run non-profit organization that offers intercultural study trips around the world ( Together with his two fellow Swiss Youth Representatives, Anik and Jonas, he participates at UN-conferences in Switzerland and abroad and organizes workshops, lectures and study trips on UN issues. In September 2008, he participated at the 9th regular session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. The Swiss Youth Representative programme is a joint project of the Swiss National Youth Council and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.



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