World Fertility and Family Planning 2020

World  Fertility  and  Family  Planning  Highlights  2020  presents  new  evidence  on  trends  in  contraceptive use and fertility, as well as insights into the relationship between contraceptive use and fertility at the global, regional and national levels for women of reproductive age. Contraception  assists  couples  and  individuals  to  achieve  their  reproductive  goals  and  provides  them  with  the  full  opportunity  to  exercise  the  right  to  have  children  by  choice.  Additionally,  long-term  global  population  trends  are  driven  largely  by  trends  in  fertility.  It  is  important  to  understand  the  relationship  between  contraceptive  use  and  fertility,  especially in high-fertility contexts, because of the implications for triggering or speeding up  the  demographic  transition,  harnessing  a  demographic  dividend,  and  the  return  on  investment in family planning.