Population Commission, eighth session

14 March 1955 to 24 March 1955


  1. Opening of the session by a representative of the Secretary-General
  2. Election of officers 
  3. Adoption of the agenda
  4. Implementation of previous recommendations of the Commission:
    • World Population Conference
    • Technical assistance activities in the field of population
    • Other projects previously recommended by the Commission
  5. Plans of the Secretary-General regarding publications and studies in the economic and social fields:
    • Proposals for reorientation of the programme of population studies
    • Possibilities of arranging for a part of the programme to be carried out by universities and other institutions in various countries
  6. Gaps in existing knowledge of relationships between population trends and economic and social factors
  7. Plans for the preparation of standards for population censuses to be taken in and around 1960
  8. Studies of internal migration
  9. Programme of population studies for 1955-56:
    • Priority of projects
    • Principles for selection of projects to be carried out mainly by the Secretariat and mainly by outside organizations under the sponsorship of the United Nations
  10. Adoption of the report of the Commission to the Economic and Social Council