Population Commission, fourteenth session

30 October 1967 to 10 November 1967


  1. Election of officers
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. United Nations activities in the fields of population
  4. World demographic survey: urban and rural population, 1920-1980
  5. Progress report on demographic studies, reports and manuals:
    • Interrelationships between population growth and investment in education and health
    • Other studies, reports and manuals
  6. Promotion of improvement in demographic statistics:
    • Progress report on the 1970 World Population Census Programme
    • Computerization of demographic statistics
    • Progress report on improvement in other demographic statistics
  7. Population projections
  8. Reports on the 1965 World Population Conference
  9. Consideration of the matters related to Economic and Social Council resolution 1264 (XLIII)
  10. Five-year and two-year programmes of work in the fields of population
  11. Adoption of the report of the Commission to the Economic and Social Council