Population Commission, thirteenth session

23 March 1965 to 05 April 1965


  1. Election of officers
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Population and economic and social development:
    • Report on the inquiry among Governments on problems resulting from the interaction of economic development and population changes General Assembly resolution 1838 (XVII))
    • Studies of interrelationships between population growth and economic development with particular reference to needs for investments in educational facilities and health services in developing countries (General Assembly resolution 1838 (XVII))
    • Assistance to Governments of developing countries in dealing with population problems (Economic and Social Council resolution 1048 (XXXVII))
  4. World demographic situation with special reference to growth of urban and rural population.
  5. Population conferences:
    • 1965 World Population Conference
    • Asian Population Conference
    • Other regional conferences and technical meetings
  6. Demographic statistics:
    • 1970 World Programme for National Population Censuses
    • Other work in the field of demographic statistics
  7. Regional demographic activities
  8. Progress of work on demographic studies and technical reports
  9. Future work programmes and priorities in the population fields:
    • Long-range work programme of the United Nations and specialized agencies in the fields of population
    • Work programme and priorities for 1965-1966
  10. Time and place of the next session
  11. Adoption of the report to the Economic and Social Council