(numerical sequence in reverse order)
Resolution No. Plenary or Cttee. Agenda Item No. Meeting Record/ Date/ Press Release/ Vote Draft Topic
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A/RES/76/6 Plen. 124 A/76/PV.34
15 November 2021
without a vote
A/76/L.8/Rev.1 & Add.1 Follow-up to the report of the Secretary-General entitled "Our Common Agenda"
A/RES/76/5 Plen. 77 A/76/PV.31
11 November 2021
without a vote
A/76/L.7 Report of the International Criminal Court
A/RES/76/4 Plen. 25 (a) A/76/PV.23
28 October 2021
without a vote
A/76/L.4 Review of the functioning of the reinvigorated resident coordinator system, including its funding arrangement
A/RES/76/3 Plen. 142 A/76/PV.21
25 October 2021
without a vote
A/76/L.3 & Add.1 The "Space2030" Agenda: space as a driver of sustainable development
A/RES/76/2 C.5 142 A/76/PV.18
10 October 2021
without a vote
A/76/383 Scale of assessments for the apportionment of the expenses of the United Nations: requests under Article 19 of the Charter
A/RES/76/1 Plen. 72 (b) A/76/PV.5
22 September 2021
without a vote
A/76/L.2 United Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and related Intolerance