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Health and Well-being

Mr. Koffi Kouame with a group of people in Madagascar.
Health and Well-being

Madagascar: Glimpse of hope amidst severe droughts

UNFPA giving health services to women and girls in arid Grand Sud.
A Virgin Active gym in Soweto, Johannesburg South Africa. Photo credit: AMO/Robert Tshabalala
Health and Well-being

Lifestyle diseases pose new burden for Africa

Diabetes, cancer, heart and respiratory diseases will be the leading killers by 2030
A patient at the JFK Medical Center and E.S. Grant Mental Health Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. World Bank/Dominic Chavez
Health and Well-being

Mental illness: Invisible but devastating

Superstitution often blamed for acute mental health diseases
A laboratory studies student taking a blood sample for a routine antenatal malaria test at a government hospital in Ghana. Photo credit: Panos/Nyani Quarmyne
Health and Well-being

Public health schemes: Getting it right

Ghana grapples with making health care universally accessible
 Surgeons in the operating theatre at a Bangalore hospital, Bangalore , India. Photo credit: Panos/B. Lawley
Health and Well-being

India’s medical tourism gets Africans’ attention

Many lured by affordable treatment, state-of-the art equipment, top-notch doctors and follow-up care
A nurse takes blood sample from a baby to test for malaria in Manhia, Mozambique. AMO/ L. W.
Health and Well-being

Gains made in fight against malaria

Africa is finally making headway in its decades-long fight against malaria
Health workers attend to patients at a camel mobile clinic in Samburu, Kenya. Photo credit: CHAT
Health and Well-being

Taking health services to remote areas

Mobile camel clinics, motorbike ambulances and other innovations for reaching rural folk
Health Campaign