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"Fast Track" Procedures

Paragraph 4 of revised procedures under Security Council resolution 1409 (2002)

With a view to expediting the approval of basic humanitarian goods, paragraph 4 of the revised procedures under resolution 1409 (2002) stipulates that the United Nations Secretariat may, subject to approval of the Security Council's 661 sanctions committee, issue guidance regarding what categories of applications do not contain any item(s) covered by paragraph 24 of resolution 687 (1991) or by the Good Review List (GRL). Such items may be approved by the Office of the Iraq Programme (OIP), without further reference to the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for GRL review.

In accordance with the above, the UN Secretariat proposed a list of items that were clearly not covered by resolution 687 (1991) or GRL and, as such, would not require GRL review by UNMOVIC/IAEA. The list was approved by the 661 Committee on 28 October 2002.

Once OIP expert-review has ascertained that an application complies with all procedural requirements and contains only items that match exactly the description of the items specified in the "fast track" list, and no other items (free of charge or otherwise) are included therein, the application concerned will be approved by OIP. However, if any additional items not specifically included in the "fast track" list are found in the application, the application will be sent to UNMOVIC/IAEA for GRL review in accordance with paragraph 4 of the procedures.

This procedure shall come into effect on 1 November 2002 and shall apply to applications received and registered by OIP thereafter. The procedure may also apply to the previously submitted applications that are currently with "non-compliant" status, once questions raised by OIP experts are fully answered.

The implementation of the "fast track" procedure does not require any action by the suppliers and submitting missions/agencies, and this note is for information only.

The "fast-track" list includes almost 6,000 items and is divided into the following 12 categories: