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Efforts are underway within the United Nations to encourage greater attention to gender perspectives in the work programme of all entities in the system and to support the efforts of Member States at national level. The regional commissions also support implementation of the gender mainstreaming strategy at regional level.

Experience from both the United Nations and Member States contexts has shown that the provision of opportunities for exchange of ideas, experiences and good practice on gender mainstreaming is a fruitful means of increasing awareness, commitment and capacity to implement the strategy. Symposia on gender mainstreaming will therefore be organized in all regions - in collaboration between the Office of the Special Adviser on Women and Gender Issues in New York and the regional commissions - commencing with the Asian and Pacific region in Bangkok in December 2001.

The regional symposia bring together representatives of Governments, regional-level intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and civil society groups, private sector and academia for a constructive dialogue on gender mainstreaming in the region. An important objective is identifying and addressing potentials and constraints to gender mainstreaming at national level.

Asia - Pacific Regional Symposium, Bangkok 10-13 December 2001

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