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United Nations Security Council

Security Council Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by the Security Council in 1947
S/RES/37 (1947) Procedure
S/RES/36 (1947) The Indonesian Question
S/RES/35 (1947) The Indonesian Question
S/RES/34 (1947) The Greek Question
S/RES/33 (1947) Procedure
S/RES/32 (1947) The Indonesian Question
S/RES/31 (1947) The Indonesian Question
S/RES/30 (1947) The Indonesian Question
S/RES/29 (1947) Admission of new Members to the UN
S/RES/28 (1947) The Greek Question
S/RES/27 (1947) The Indonesian Question
S/RES/26 (1947) Procedure
S/RES/25 (1947) Admission of new Members to the UN
S/RES/24 (1947) Admission of new Members to the UN: Hungary
S/RES/23 (1947) The Greek Question
S/RES/22 (1947) The Corfu Channel incidents
S/RES/21 (1947) Trusteeship of strategic areas
S/RES/20 (1947) Atomic energy: international control
S/RES/19 (1947) The Corfu Channel incidents
S/RES/18 (1947) Armaments: regulation and reduction
S/RES/17 (1947) The Greek Question
S/RES/16 (1947) The Free Territory of Trieste