Event at UN Headquarters, New York

UN Day concert 2016


When: Monday, 24 October 2016 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Where: General Assembly Hall, UN Headquarters, New York City

The concert will feature the Hungarian State Opera with performances by soprano Andrea Rost and other notable artists. The programme will include music from Australia, Denmark, Hungary, Qatar and other countries. The theme of this year’s concert is “Freedom First”.

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Events around the world

Each year, the global network of UN Information Centres organizes a variety of events to mark UN Day. Activities range from ceremonies, seminars, panel discussions, symposiums to series of briefings for students, art competitions, rallies, film screenings and book/photo exhibitions, media campaigns- including interviews and newspaper supplements- and social media campaigns. Most of the activities this year were focused on raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many of the official commemorations are jointly organized with UN Country Teams and Ministries of Foreign Affairs. UNICs translated the message of the Secretary-General into local languages and a number of centres also organized UN Staff Days.

UNIC Beirut

UNIC Beirut led on the UN Film Festival, a two-day event organized by the UN Communications Group (UNCG) in Lebanon, focusing on the SDGs, bringing together the public at large, artists and filmmakers on issues of common interest to Lebanon and the UN, in line with the SDGs. UNIC is conducting teach-in sessions during October-December for schools and universities, with a focus on the SDGs and the campaign "TOGETHER – Respect, safety and dignity for all", launched by the Secretary-General on 19 September during the UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants to promote diversity, non-discrimination and inclusion.

UNRIC Brussels

UNRIC Brussels and its partners, including the UNCG Brussels and two Belgian Ministers, is conducting teach-in sessions during October around UN Day for schools and universities, with a focus on the SDGs. UNRIC supported UN Staff Day for 26 UN agencies based in Brussels which involved three Olympics migrant athletes who shared their experience at Rio and how they are using sport as a way to integrate themselves into their new societies. The Brussels City Hall was lit in blue with the UN flag displayed. The UN Team in Belgium also engaged with Members of the European Parliament on the SDGs implementation in Europe and globally.

UNIC Buenos Aires

UNIC Buenos Aires held an event at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs focusing on climate change in the context of the SDGs to build up to the upcoming COP22 in Marrakesh. The event featured the Resident Coordinator (RC), the Vice Minister for the Environment and the Executive Director of UNEP who was in Buenos Aires on that day. UNIC produced a three-min video on climate change and SDGs featuring the President of Argentina, the Minister of Environment, the RC, and the head of climate change at UNDP. UNIC organized a round of media interviews for the UNEP Executive Director with local press.

UNIC Cairo

UNIC Cairo organised several activities including: a pre-recorded interview with an Egyptian TV channel by the officer-in-charge of UNIC; a presentation on the UN system/history of the UN for students; support to event organized by the UNA in Egypt, attended by the Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for Multilateral Affairs; lighting up of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs landmark office tower overlooking the Nile with the word "UN" emblazoned in blue; and a UNIC/UNCG social media campaign to promote the UN Day. In addition, UNIC is leading the UNCG, and in close collaboration with both the Office of the UNRC and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to organize a joint event marking the UN Day (to take place on 2 November). A photo exhibition showcasing UN projects and operations in Egypt will be organized during the event. Invitees will include Egyptian Cabinet ministers and other senior government officials. Also, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry launched a campaign on the Ministry’s official website and social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter in both Arabic and English, explaining the role of Egypt within the UN system as one of the founding Member States which also contributed to drafting of the Charter.

UNIC Canberra

UNIC Canberra organized an event at Old Parliament House in Canberra, in partnership with the UNA Association of Australia. Over 70 ambassadors/high commissioners and key representatives from the Government and civil society attended. The event was themed to promote the SDGs and included a keynote address by the Foreign Minister who spoke on Australia and the SDGs.

UNIC Dakar

UNIC Dakar toured the city in a bus with SDGs logo branding, visiting various locations and its suburbs. The tour was broadcast on social media and the UN in Senegal website. UNIC organized an SDGs TV programmme at the Senégalese TV channel, 2 STV. UNIC Dakar worked with a young Senegalese artist who created a song about SDG's (see "clip" on Facebook)

The UN system in Bangladesh, with the support of UNIC Dhaka, organized a number of activities, including: UN Day Radio Talk show on Bangladesh Betar National Radio Station (including interviews with the UNIC National Information Officer and UNODC Programme Coordinator); newspaper supplement page on UN Day published in popular Bangla daily - Prothom Alo (in Bangla) as well as in the Daily Star (in English);. UN Day Reception, to be hosted by the UN Country Team on 31 October with the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh; UN Day Art Competition and Rally, organized by UNIC Dhaka jointly with an NGO; UN Day Seminar by UNIC and UN Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh at Dhaka University.

UNIS Geneva

UNIS Geneva inaugurated the sculpture "Enlightened Universe" by Cristobal Gabarrón at Rotonde du Mont-Blanc on Lake Geneva, created by the artist in Central Park in New York City last year to commemorate the UN 70's anniversary. UNIS organised SDGs displays and information sessions. Guest speakers included the Director-General of UNOG, the diplomatic corps, including the Deputy Permanent Representative of Spain to the UN, the Head of External Relations at the City of Geneva, and Mr. Cristóbal Gabarrón.

UNIC Islamabad

UNIC Islamabad opened an exhibit on sustainable development, organized with AFP, the EU, Embassy of France, and UK Aid. The Centre also launched the Urdu version of Basic Facts (which it had translated) at Quaid e Azam University, and inaugurated a “UN Corner” with UN publications and information material. The launch was attended by over 400 students. The Foreign Secretary, Ambassador of Switzerland, and Resident Coordinator spoke in addition to faculty members.

UNIC Kathmandu

UNIC Kathmandu organised a day-long "SDGs Roadshow" in Nepalgunj, a far-west region of Nepal with the participation of local youths, local government authorities, NGOs and media in which UN officials interacted and explained the importance of the SDGs. UNIC will coordinate such Roadshows in all seven provinces of Nepal by the end of 2017; series of 17 op-eds by local experts focused on each of the SDGs to be published on regular basis in Nepal's prominent English Daily The Kathmandu Post - the first is a joint op-ed by the RC and the Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission of Nepal published on 24 Oct; setting up of 17 SDGs art works by school students, in the outer wall compound of the UN which will stay for one year; and in collaboration with the Staff Association, hold a UN Staff Day.

UNIC Lagos

UNIC Lagos held a national commemorative event organized with the Resident Coordinator’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja; educational outreach to schools in Abuja and Lagos highlighting the SDGs; a live Radio Talk Show about UN Day by the UNIC Director; UN Day event in Lagos organised by UNIC and the UN Association of Nigeria; interview with the RC in Abuja by one of the national TV stations; and a twitter chat with youth on UN Day with a focus on SDGs, organized by a group of young people in Lagos.

UNIC Mexico City

UNIC Mexico City organized the following: placement of the SG´s message in the Sol de Mexico daily newspaper, which has 68 different local editions: produced a short video on the UN Day to be run twice an hour in Mexico City subway trains for the next two weeks which are used by 5 million people per day. The video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8y5kWdJVro

UNIC Nairobi

UNIC Nairobi held a UN Staff Day, featuring a refugee choir. Guests included the Director-General of UNON, the Resident Coordinator, Representatives of UNEP, UN-Habitat, staff union President and staff members including retirees. The programme included the presentation of UN in Kenya Award which recognizes a person or organization that champions the ideals of the UN, including the SDGs. Nairobi-based staff joined the NY Staff Day Town Hall meeting via VTC.

UNIC Port of Spain

UNIC Port of Spain launched a one-year tour of a travelling exhibit on the SDGs and the work of the UN in the Caribbean/Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). UNIC, with the support of Trinidad and Tobago’s UNCT and UNCG, developed the exhibit on the SDGs that was launched on 24 October at an event hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of T&T. The Minister of Foreign Affairs chaired the event, which included Government officials, UNCT and UN staff, the diplomatic community, civil society and other stakeholders. The exhibit will be expanded and updated as it tours the two islands nation. An online version of the exhibit will be developed to reach overseas audiences. As part of the UN4U educational outreach, programme officers and UNCG members from different UN agencies in T&T are visiting secondary schools around the country to talk about the UN, the 2030 Agenda and the work of their respective agencies. UNIC hosted a UN Staff Day event on 25 October.

UNIC Pretoria

UNIC Pretoria organised: Twitter Party/conversation with USG of the Department of Public Information Cristina Gallach and MUN students from the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) in Soweto and the Cape Town SAIIA office; exhibit of UN information at the Annual Diplomatic Fair, organized by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation in South Africa.

UNIC Rabat

UNIC Rabat held a UN Staff Day event.

UNIC Tehran

UNIC Tehran organized several events including: an exhibition of photos and documents on 71 years of UN-Iran partnership in Rasht city (20-21 Oct), with more than 300 people visiting the exhibition; and interview with IRNA with the UNIC Director; a joint celebration with Azad University, focusing on SDGs; "Together for SDGs" public awareness campaign with Iranian celebrities (theatre and movie stars, musicians); and large billboards with SDGs branding in Persian on display for millions of people at the Central Tehran Railway Station. UNIC is also planning a UN Day event on 30 October at the National Library, jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Department of Environment (responsible for sustainable development, SDGs) with the Vice President and Deputy Foreign Minister and RC. A UN booth will be set up at the event.

UNIC Tokyo

UNIC Tokyo organized an award ceremony for the international photo competition, with the winner being flown in from Peru (UNICs Tokyo and Lima cooperated). Foreign Minister Kishida attended and gave the Foreign Minister's Prize to the winner. UNIC managed to have a special feature in the Japan Times (SG message, contribution by UNU Rector, and an article based on a dialogue between former Permanent Representative of Japan to UN and former UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, Kenzo Oshima, and the UNIC Director).


In Uzbekistan, with the Government leading the SDG localization and implementation, the UN system produced a video featuring interviews with the UN Resident Coordinator and other experts on the SDGs.

UNIS Vienna

UNIS Vienna held a special CINE-ONU screening in Vienna and placed a special section in the daily Wiener Zeitung focusing on the work of the UN and the UN family in Vienna to achieve the SDGs, including an interview with UNIS Vienna Director. Screening of "Bring the Sun Home" organized by UNA Slovakia at the Economic University Bratislava (Slovakia) in partnership with UNIS Vienna.