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International Day of Peace, 21 September
WMD - We Must Disarm: Take action
for a world free of nuclear weapons

100 Reasons To Disarm

As part of the WMD - We Must Disarm campaign, a reason to disarm has been put out on Twitter for each of the 100 days leading up to the International Day of Peace. The first 10 of these 'tweets' were put out in the name of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Please find the reasons, in slighly expanded form, below.

We Must Disarm....

  1. because nuclear weapons threaten humankind. Let's get rid of them for good - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  2. because as UN Secretary-General, I believe we now have a real opportunity to make a change - we should seize it
  3. because as UN Secretary-General, I believe there would be no winners in a nuclear war
  4. because as UN Secretary-General, I know a nuclear war would be the ultimate catastrophe
  5. because nuclear weapons do not discriminate - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  6. because we have to prevent terrorists getting nuclear weapons - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  7. because it will make the world safer for our children and grandchildren - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  8. because the resources it will free up could be used for other global challenges - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  9. because the resources it will free up could fight climate change - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  10. because the resources it will free up could fight global food insecurity - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  11. because the world will be more secure and stable without nuclear weapons
  12. because disarmament and non-proliferation are inextricably linked to development, human rights and peace
  13. because banning nuclear tests would greatly contribute to global efforts to curb the proliferation of nuclear weapons
  14. because nuclear proliferation hangs like the sword of Damocles over our heads
  15. because the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) is central to nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation
  16. because for too long, the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation agenda has been stagnating
  17. because there is a rising chorus demanding action on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation
  18. because the resources it will free up could fight global poverty - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  19. because we cannot afford to place disarmament and non-proliferation on the backburner
  20. because universal membership in the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) would give fresh impetus for nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation
  21. because we are serious about the future of humankind
  22. because nuclear weapons are more dangerous than any problem they seek to solve
  23. because radiation released by nuclear weapons is passed on from generation to generation
  24. because the United States and Russia have committed to reduce their nuclear arsenals
  25. because "the weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us" - President Kennedy at the United Nations in 1961
  26. because we cannot afford 20,000+ nuclear weapons
  27. because if we don't, nuclear weapons will continue to proliferate
  28. because we want to avoid regional nuclear arms races
  29. because while nuclear weapons exist, accidents can happen
  30. because two global treaties, the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), will reduce the nuclear threat if all countries sign up to them
  31. because nuclear weapons could kill millions in one go
  32. because “No one person or country can stop nuclear warfare” – Issey Miyake
  33. because the $12 trillion spent on nuclear weapons since 1945 could have eliminated poverty and other social problems
  34. because “For...any hope of peace, people around the world must add their voices” – Issey Miyake
  35. because 6.8 billion people are at risk
  36. because it would be a turning point in human history
  37. because we must avoid the ultimate preventable catastrophe
  38. because imagining a world without nuclear weapons is no longer a dream but an actual possibility
  39. because 113 countries are already part of Nuclear Weapon Free Zones
  40. because after 5 decades of talks it's time for nuclear testing to be banned
  41. because bold steps now will hasten the possibility of a nuclear weapons free world
  42. because if we don't, more states will aspire to develop nuclear weapons
  43. because nuclear weapon’s very existence = more chance of use in war, terrorism or by accident
  44. because in addition to killing millions, a nuclear war would cause an environmental crisis of epic proportions
  45. because while many nuclear stocks are safeguarded, others are vulnerable to theft
  46. because “nuclear security is as important as economic security” – Michael Douglas, UN Messenger of Peace
  47. because the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty that bans all nuclear testing needs ratification by 9 nuclear states
  48. because “All countries should recognize that disarmament contributes to development – and that both are critical to peace” – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
  49. because we cannot wait for a perfect security environment to come along, rather advancing disarmament will promote security
  50. because nuclear weapons cannot deter terrorism
  51. because “the opportunity for nuclear non-proliferation is now” – Michael Douglas, UN Messenger of Peace
  52. because if we don't, we face a possible cascade of nuclear proliferation
  53. because “Such carnage must never happen again” – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his video message marking the anniversaries of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  54. because many nuclear weapons today would explode with up to 100 times the force of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima
  55. because using nuclear weapons means killing millions of innocent people
  56. because “Leaders have to be convinced of the waste, futility and dangers of nuclear weapons” – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his video message marking the anniversaries of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  57. because multilateral nuclear disarmament is possible, now – Michael Douglas, UN Messenger of Peace
  58. because nuclear weapons don't have to play a role in countries' national security strategies
  59. because security is not achieved by force but by justice, law and respecting others (sent from France)
  60. because nuclear weapons have so far made 104 million m³ of radioactive waste – US Department of Energy
  61. because using nuclear weapons against another nuclear weapons state is suicidal and immoral against a non- nuclear weapons state
  62. because any feud between countries could be a death warrant for the planet – Michael Douglas, UN Messenger of Peace
  63. because billions are spent on a tool of self-destruction while many die of hunger (sent from Poland)
  64. because nuclear weapons hinder the evolution of modern society towards a true era of compassion, peace, understanding and unity (sent from the USA)
  65. because we will only solve its global problems we face by working together, not by threatening each other with nuclear annihilation (sent from the UK)
  66. because “I know not with what weapons WWIII will be fought, but WWIV will be fought with sticks & stones” – Albert Einstein
  67. because as long as there are weapons there is conflict and as long as there is conflict, the human race suffers (sent from India)
  68. because killing people by any means is simply wrong – why on earth do we accept the idea of total destruction? (sent from Canada)
  69. because love, empathy, collaboration, understanding, generosity, unity, forgiveness, goodwill, kindness, caring, reason, and compassion are answers, not weapons of mass destruction (sent from the USA)
  70. because without nuclear weapons, there can be no nuclear war (sent from the UK)
  71. because we must make it possible for future generations to live in PEACE (sent from France)
  72. because “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding” – Albert Einstein
  73. because the future of our world depends on sustainable development for the preservation of lives and families, not building nuclear weapons (sent from Nigeria)
  74. because no nation has the right to threaten the total destruction of another country (sent from Canada)
  75. because life is worth more than weapons; one can replace a weapon but can’t replace a human life that is lost (anonymous)
  76. because I want my daughter to grow up understanding that dialogue not violence is the answer to conflict (sent from the UK)
  77. because nuclear weapons protect us from nothing. They are a costly illusion that our world can no longer afford (sent from the USA)
  78. because nukes don't differentiate between military targets and hospitals or playgrounds (sent from the USA)
  79. because life in this galaxy is extremely rare and nuclear war threatens the existence of all known forms of life (sent from the UK)
  80. because a nuclear war would cause people to die, become disabled, or live in perennial poverty (from the Philippines)
  81. because the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty can stop a nuclear arms race - UN Messenger of Peace Michael Douglas
  82. because "nuclear weapons are impractical, unacceptably risky and unworthy of civilization" – Global Security Institute
  83. because "we didn't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children." (sent from the USA)
  84. because we need understanding among nations – nuclear weapons only threaten and provide no understanding (sent from Ecuador)
  85. because 3 billion young people in the world are under 25 – they deserve a fresh start in a safer world without nuclear weapons (sent from the USA)
  86. because our priorities are wrong. The world is overarmed and peace underfunded – Sergio Duarte, UN High Representative for Disarmament
  87. because the world is overarmed and peace underfunded. You can set the priorities straight. Join the WMD-We Must Disarm campaign – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
  88. because war and arms have failed to bring peace (anonymous)
  89. because more people prosper in times of peace than in fearful and deadly times of war (sent from the USA)
  90. because our past is reason enough (anonymous)
  91. because being the smartest generation of humans to ever walk the Earth, compromises and alternatives to violence should and can be found (sent from Canada)
  92. because we are one earth, many nations, one people (anonymous)
  93. because in order to move on in life, we have to focus on our future, not nuclear warfare (sent from Egypt)
  94. because we are better than that (anonymous)
  95. because there is too much violence in the world and this campaign could help to lessen the tension (sent from Kazakhstan)
  96. because the use of nukes contradict the principles of human rights (sent from Iraq)
  97. because every human being loves peace (sent from China)
  98. because the way of understanding is dialogue, not violence (sent from Argentina)
  99. because wars are the most inhuman thing that exist on Earth and there is no convincing reason why they still exist (sent from Venezuela)
  100. because "On this International Day of Peace I have one simple message: We must disarm!" – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon