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United Nations Observances


21 February International Mother Language Day [UNESCO] A/RES/56/262
21 March World Poetry Day [UNESCO]
23 April World Book and Copyright Day [UNESCO] Resolution 3.18 of the 28th session of the UNESCO General Conference
15 July World Youth Skills Day A/69/RES/145
8 September International Literacy Day [UNESCO] Resolution 1.141 of the 14th session of the UNESCO General Conference
5 October World Teachers’ Day [UNESCO] UNESCOPRESSE, vol.4, no.17, p.9
17 November
(Third Thursday
in November)
World Philosophy Day [UNESCO]
2009 International Year of Human Rights Learning A/RES/62/171
2005 International Year for Sport and Physical Education A/RES/58/5
1990 International Literacy Year A/RES/42/104
1970 International Education Year A/RES/2306 (XXII)
A/RES/2412 (XXIII)
2003–2012 United Nations Literacy Decade: Education for All A/RES/56/116
1995–2004 Decade for Human Rights Education A/RES/49/184