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United Nations Observances

Economic Development

25 June Day of the Seafarer [IMO] STCW/CONF.2/DC.4
2 July
(First Saturday
in July)
International Day of Cooperatives A/RES/47/90
15 July World Youth Skills Day A/69/RES/145
12 September United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation A/RES/58/220
27 September World Tourism Day [UNWTO]
9 October World Post Day [UPU] UPU/Tokyo Congress 1969/Res.C.11
16 October World Food Day [FAO] A/RES/35/70
17 October International Day for the Eradication of Poverty A/RES/47/196
20 November Africa Industrialization Day A/RES/44/237
5 December World Soil Day [FAO] A/RES/68/232
7 December International Civil Aviation Day [ICAO] A/RES/51/33
2016 International Year of Pulses A/RES/68/231
2015 International Year of Light and
Light-based Technologies
2015 International Year of Soils [FAO] A/RES/68/232
2014 International Year of Small Island Developing States A/RES/67/206
2012 International Year of Cooperatives A/RES/64/136
2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All A/RES/65/151
2010 Year of the Seafarer
2008 International Year of the Potato A/RES/60/191
2005 International Year of Microcredit A/RES/53/197
2004 International Year of Rice A/RES/57/162
1996 International Year for the Eradication of Poverty A/RES/48/183
1983 World Communications Year; Development of Communication Infrastructures A/RES/36/40
1967 International Tourist Year A/RES/2148 (XXI)
2014–2024 United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All A/RES/67/215
2008–2017 Second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty A/RES/62/205
1997–2006 Decade for The Eradication for Poverty A/RES/50/107
1991–2000 Second Industrial Development Decade for Africa A/RES/44/237
1991–2000 Second Transport and Communications Decade in Africa A/RES/43/179
1991–2000 Fourth United Nations Development Decade A/RES/45/199
1981–1990 Third United Nations Development Decade A/RES/35/56
1980s Industrial Development Decade for Africa A/RES/35/66 B
1978–1988 Transport and Communications Decade for Africa A/RES/32/160
1971–1980 Second United Nations Development Decade A/RES/2626 (XXV)
1960–1970 United Nations Development Decade A/RES/1710 (XVI)