Environmental-economics takes centre stage

DESA’s Statistics Division will hold an International Conference on the Global Implementation Programme for the SEEA in New York on 19-21 June

Environmental economics takes centre stage (UN Photo/Logan Abassi)

The United Nations Statistical Commission at its 44thSession adopted the implementation strategy for the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) Central Framework and urged the UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting (UNCEEA) to agree on a medium-term programme of work for the implementation of the SEEA.

DESA’s Statistics Division, in collaboration with CBD, EEA, Eurostat, FAO, IMF, OECD, UNDP, UNEP and the World Bank, is organizing a high-level International Conference “Global Implementation Programme for the SEEA” in the context of the post-2015 development agenda and broader measures of progress. 

The overall objectives are to facilitate the implementation and outreach of the SEEA,  supporting statistics at the country level and to improve the scope, quality and detail of environmental-economic accounts. The Conference will provide a forum for various stakeholders to discuss the SEEA implementation strategy and its links to policies. The outcome of the Conference will be used to formulate recommendations that will be presented to the UNCEEA and subsequently to the United Nations Statistical Commission at its next session in 2014.

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