Razeen is a deep-tech futurist on a mission to drive the world towards industry 5.0 where the high-speed accuracy of industrial automation will undergo symbiosis with the cognitive, critical thinking skills of humans.

He is the founder of a company named “Quantum Polychemics Biotechnology“. It is a biotechnology spin-out from the Atomic Energy Commission and Nuclear Research Establishment, founded by him, produces non-toxic, organic biopolymers that are fully programmable to a time-controlled degradation and while remaining environmentally friendly.

Their mission is to drive our world towards a circular bio-economy, where major brands utilise eco-friendly bioplastics in packaging, food services, agriculture, textiles and many other areas to reduce the 18 billion pounds of plastic polluting our oceans every year while improving the economic status of and employment opportunity for thousands.

Among the companies, he founded Hydroquo+, Bangladesh’s first Hydro-Informatics R&D up-start dedicated to ensuring water security leveraging Industrial Internet of Things and Lingwing ed-tech which uses artificial intelligence to provide quality personalised education, in addition to co-founding Aqualink Robotics, which makes Industrial IoT devices for companies seeking automation.