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Preparatory process 

On 22 December 2003, the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to prepare an in-depth study on all forms and manifestations of violence against women (A/RES/58/185).  Following the adoption of resolution A/RES/58/185 by the General Assembly, two expert group meetings were convened to provide input for the study. An expert group meeting on data and statistics on violence against women, convened in collaboration with the Economic Commission for Europe and the World Health Organization, was held in Geneva from 11-14 April 2005. Another expert group meeting on good practices in addressing violence against women, convened in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, was held in Vienna from 17-20 May 2005.

A Task Force comprised of 36 representatives of United Nations entities, non-governmental organizations, and regional networks, provided input and feedback on various aspects of the study.  In addition, an Advisory Committee consisting of ten internationally recognized experts in the field of addressing violence against women provided guidance and advice at critical junctures in the preparation of the study. A number of expert briefs were commissioned, including one on the economic costs of violence against women.