Trusteeship Council Chamber, UNNY086G.01, 1953, Denmark

Trusteeship Council Chamber

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Finn Juhl was just thirty-eight years old when he was commissioned to design the Council Chamber, which stands today as one of his major works. The chamber was designed to form a comprehensive whole. This means that Finn Juhl designed everything in it, from the colorful ceiling light-fittings and the curtains to the wall paneling, carpeting, lamps and chairs.

In the delegates' portion the walls are lined with ash wood designed to act as acoustic baffles.  The multicolored striped carpet was made in Denmark as were the curtains, railings doors and latticed ceiling which repeats the fine woods and the light, clear colors used.  A large wooden statue carved from the trunk of a teakwood tree also was donated by the Danish Government.  Selected as part of a competition, the sculpture  created by Henry Starcke shows a young woman dressed in a patterned robe with arms upraised towards a large blue bird with outstretched wings.  It was carved especially for the Trusteeship Council Chamber.

Location (Building): 
Conference Building (CB)
2nd Floor
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Artist or Maker: 
Finn Juhl
Donation Date: 
December 31, 1953