Khachkar (Basalt Cross), UNNY189G, 1994, Armenia

Khachkar (Basalt Cross)

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The khachkar cross is one of the most unique consummate aspects of Armenian culture. Basalt cross from the monastery of Geghard, a famous Armenian medieval religious center, is a special representation of Christ's crucifixion. The central carved cross is a symbol of Christ's crucifixion, is portrayed with a triangular bottom resting upon the carved pedestal representing the holl of Golgotha.  Two cross reliefs under the horizontal arms of the cross represent the two Roman soldiers who were crucified together with Christ.

The central ornamentation is a carved cross.  The arms of the cross increase in width and are carved in a fine lace pattern.  The inscription at the bottom of the statue indicates that it was created in 1216 A.D. by Hesmkan and Paper for the salvation of the soul of Khatum.

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General Assembly (GA)
1st Floor
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Artist or Maker: 
Hesmkan and Paper
80 x 42 12 x 21 in.
Donation Date: 
April 1, 1994