Roundtable 4

Global Citizens as Stewards of the Planet: Energy, Environment and Climate Change



Tuesday, 31 May  –  13:45 – 15:15

In today’s era of climate change, global pollution, natural resource depletion, and threats to biodiversity, societies are reassessing the value placed on the natural environment and exploring how formal and informal education, training and grassroots advocacy can strengthen humankind’s capacities to exist on this planet.  This roundtable will explore why cultivating empathy and a scientific appreciation for the natural world, environmental justice, and responsibility towards future generations must be at the core of education for global citizenship.   It will feature the voices and teachings of indigenous cultures to help identify the values and skill sets necessary for sustainable production and consumption that will protect both life below water and life on land.  Indigenous teachings affirm reverence for “all our relations,” the kinship of all life.  These and other traditional values and ecological knowledge systems will be juxtaposed with environmental science and new approaches to conserving natural wealth and capital to address a range of looming challenges, including climate change and population growth.  In addition, this roundtable will address the pivotal role that increased access to sustainable energy will have in ensuring each person’s right to education, health, and a healthy environment.

Mr. Leonzo Barreno
Adjunct Professor, Global Chair, University of Regina

Confirmed Speakers
Dr. Myungja Kim
Former Minister of Environment, Republic of Korea

Ms. Ta’Kaiya Blaney
Youth Ambassador for Native Children’s Survival

Ms. Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
Coordinator, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad

Dr. Han Shi
Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Ms. Tsui Ling
Chairperson of the board, Donglee Environment Co. Ltd

Mr. Alexander Leicht
Chief, Education for Sustainable Development, United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization

[Key SDGs: 79111213141517]