18 July 2018

Held Captive for Many Years, Madiba Never Became Prisoner of His Past, Says Secretary-General in Message on Nelson Mandela Day

Following is the text of UN Secretary‑General António Guterres’ video message on Nelson Mandela Day:

Nelson Mandela was a towering global advocate for justice and equality.  He continues to inspire the world through his example of courage and compassion.

Nelson Mandela was held captive for many years.  But he never became a prisoner of his past.  Instead, he poured his energy into reconciliation and his vision of a peaceful, multi‑ethnic, democratic South Africa.

On this day marking the centennial of his birth, we commemorate Nelson Mandela’s lifetime of service.  Rarely has one person in history done so much to stir people’s dreams and move them to action.

That struggle for equality, dignity and justice continues.  Madiba’s legacy shows the way.

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