Security Council Press Statement on Burundi

9 June 2009

Security Council Press Statement on Burundi

9 June 2009
Security Council
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The following Security Council press statement on Burundi was read out today by Council President Baki İlkin ( Turkey):

The members of the Security Council commend the advances in the Burundian peace process, in particular the disarmament of the Forces Nationales de Libération (FNL), its accreditation as a political party, its integration into national institutions and the release of children associated with it.  The members of the Security Council urge all the Burundian parties, with the support of regional and international partners, to pursue their efforts to address the remaining challenges, in particular the completion of the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration process.

The members of the Security Council express their appreciation of and continued support for the sustained engagement of South Africa as Facilitator, the Regional Initiative, the African Union, the Political Directorate, the United Nations Integrated Office in Burundi (BINUB) and other international partners towards peace consolidation in Burundi.  They welcome the creation of the partnership for peace in Burundi and encourage its members to sustain their commitment to help the parties to reach a successful conclusion to the peace process.

The members of Security Council welcome the appointment of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) and encourage the Government, CENI and all political parties and stakeholders to prepare the ground for peaceful, free and fair elections scheduled for 2010 in the spirit of reconciliation and dialogue enshrined in the Burundian Constitution and welcome the intention of the United Nations to assist in the process, at the request of the Government of Burundi.

The members of the Security Council support the recommendations of the United Nations multidisciplinary Technical Assessment Mission, as presented in the Secretary-General’s report.

The members of the Security Council encourage the Government of Burundi to pursue its efforts regarding peace consolidation challenges, in particular democratic governance, social and economic development, justice and security reforms and to continue to take steps to respect fully civil and political rights, to improve the human rights situation, including through fighting impunity and gender-based violence, establishing a National Independent Human Rights Commission bearing in mind the Paris principles and to accelerate wider consultations on the establishment of transitional justice mechanisms.

The members of the Security Council welcome the engagement of the Peacebuilding Commission and encourage it to continue to assist the Government of Burundi in laying foundations for long-term development in Burundi and in mobilizing the support needed to consolidate peace and security, in particular for socio-economic reintegration of former combatants, returnees and others and for the coming elections.

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