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#NewWork logoUN staff are not just demanding a change in our organizational culture, but actually coming together to drive changes in mindsets, behaviours, processes, and more. Desire to change the status quo is evidenced through feedback to the UN Staff Engagement Survey, staff engagement sessions and various reports from different parts of the organization. Now the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the need and desire to change 'how things work around here'.

#NewWork is a staff-driven initiative that proactively responds to these trends, aiming to change our workplace culture and create the 'UN we want'. Drawing on staff feedback, #NewWork articulates a vision, goals and action plan organized according to five themes: collaborative environment, empowered networks, fit for the future, innovation and risk taking, and flexible working.

From driving adoption of collaborative technologies and new meeting techniques, to launching innovation events, improving our service to clients, and promoting flexible working arrangements, #NewWork has already delivered many positive changes to the way we work. It will continue to do so in the years ahead as greater numbers of staff get involved and more projects are implemented.

#NewWork Themes

#NewWork’s five themes have evolved as more colleagues became involved to co-create the initiative, identifying new challenges and solutions. It will continue to evolve as we progress.

  • Innovation & Risk-Taking: nurtures a culture in which managers and staff are empowered to innovate, are comfortable to take measured risks, and dare to fail.
  • Fit for the Future: focuses on improving staff skills and knowledge, ensures opportunities to learn and develop are accessible to all, and values continuous growth.
  • Working Flexibly: builds a culture that embraces flexible working and managing outcomes not presence, fosters a common mindset towards flexible working, and capitalizes on the use of technology to support new ways of working.
  • Collaborative Environment: fosters inter- and cross-departmental collaboration, learning and sharing of experiences, and improves communication within and between teams.
  • Empowered Networks: promotes new types of reporting structures, including self-managing interdisciplinary and project-based teams.



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    *Login required. "Staff" is used in an inclusive matter. #NewWork welcomes ALL UN personnel (e.g. contractors, consultants, interns, volunteers, etc.) to participate in transforming our workplace.

    Let's Reimagine the UN Together

    COVID-19 has presented unexpected challenges, but also numerous opportunities for collaboration, innovation, learning and transforming the United Nations together. Have you asked yourself what the UN is going to look like as the world continues to respond to and recover from the #pandemic? What has this difficult time taught us that we want to hold on to? And what do we want to change?

    We need the creativity, experience and skills of colleagues from across the UN system!