United Nations Headquarters, Visitors' Lobby
9 March – 16 April 2017

This photo exhibition proves that humanitarian assistance is far more effective when it reaches and empowers women who, rather than helpless victims, are vital to recovery.

The exhibition was organized by UN Women. It was endorsed by the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations.


Photographers: Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan: UN Women/Christopher Herwig, 2015, Ngam and Gado refugee camps, Cameroon: UN Women/Ryan Brown, 2016, Lusenda camp, Democratic Republic of the Congo: UN Women/Catianne Tijerina, 2015 Nepal: UN Women/Narendra Shrestha, 2015; UN Women/Vlad Sokhin, 2015; UN Women/Samir Jung Thapa, 2015; and UN Women/Piyavit Thongsa-Ard, 2015, Sierra Leone: UN Women/Emma Vincent, 2015