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UNCTAD Update (5-11 June 2021)

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This week UNCTAD set the stage for the UN Trade Forum, scheduled for next week and focused on ensuring a greener recovery through trade. The second edition of the forum will shine a light on the actions needed for an inclusive and green recovery from the pandemic. Read more in English, French and Spanish.

Then, UNCTAD examined why gender equality in the world's poorest nations hinges on post-pandemic policy choices. A new study by UNCTAD and the Enhanced Integrated Framework warns that the gender gap in income and overall well-being in least developed countries will continue to worsen unless COVID-19 recovery efforts adopt a gender perspective. Available in English, French and Spanish.

A new UNCTAD report also analysed how small island developing states face an uphill battle in COVID-19 recovery. The crisis is estimated to have led to a dramatic fall in their GDPs, especially in those that depend highly on tourism. Read more in English and French.

 Commentary, Analysis and Opinion

Come summer, wealthy nations are beginning to return to normal, while the rest of the world continues the struggle to vaccinate its population. Many are eyeing the G7 countries, who are set to meet in June, to lead the way to vaccine equity.  But two questions persist: why are vaccines not reaching everyone? And what can we do about it? UNCTAD's Ralf Peters and Divya Prabhakar explore why export restrictions do not help fight COVID-19.

Many developing nations face severe food insecurity challenges. Trade, as one tool, can serve as a powerful driver for vulnerable countries to improve domestic food security and avoid future food production shortfalls, according to UNCTAD experts David Bicchetti, Carlos Razo and Miho Shirotori. Read more.


Upcoming events

United Nations Trade Forum, 14-15 June 2021

Join UNCTAD for our second UN Trade Forum next week. It looks at how to make trade and trade policy foster a green and inclusive recovery. The world needs is a more coherent policy mix to protect the planet and ensure more inclusive development. Inevitably, this must include trade policy. However, designing a coherent policy mix is a challenge. Join the event directly here:


UNCTAD Prebisch Lecture, 15 June, 10am-12pm (ET)

The 17th Raúl Prebisch Lecture will be given by Esther Duflo, Nobel laureate and Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Join us for the online broadcast of this prestigious lecture. Dial into the Zoom meeting directly here: OR watch it live on UNCTAD's Facebook channel.

Launch of e-learning course on entrepreneurship for migrants and refugees (French version), 23 June, 9am (ET)


Later in June, we will launch the French edition of the e-learning course jointly developed by UNCTAD and UNITAR.  The launch's organized by UNCTAD, IOM, UNHCR and UNITAR on the eve of International Day of Family Remittances, World Refugee Day and MSME Day. Policymakers and practitioners in Francophone countries will share their experiences in promoting migrant and refugee entrepreneurship in the context of COVID-19. For more information, please visit our site and register for the event.

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