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UN Programme on Disability   Working for full participation and equality

Standard Rules on the
Equalization of Opportunities for
Persons with Disabilities

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Preconditions for Equal Participation



I. Preconditions for Equal Participation

Rule 1. Awareness-raising

States should take action to raise awareness in society about persons with disabilities, their rights, their needs, their potential and their contribution.

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Rule 2. Medical care

States should ensure the provision of effective medical care to persons with disabilities.

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Rule 3. Rehabilitation*

* Rehabilitation is a fundamental concept in disability policy and is defined above in paragraph 23 of the introduction.

States should ensure the provision of rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities in order for them to reach and sustain their optimum level of independence and functioning.

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Rule 4. Support services

States should ensure the development and supply of support services, including assistive devices for persons with disabilities, to assist them to increase their level of independence in their daily living and to exercise their rights.

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