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Entry Points for Major Groups

Entry Points in CSD-19 and its Inter-governmental Preparatory Meeting

Official sessions of the Commission on Sustainable Development aim to be as highly interactive as possible. The Bureau traditionally includes major groups in every segment of the Organization of Work (except the opening of the High-level Segment and during formal negotiations in the Policy Year). The type and number of potential interventions from the major groups depends on the theme and nature of the dialogue. There are sessions where all nine major groups are invited to speak, and others where 3-5 sectors are invited to speak, depending on time availability. Major groups’ interventions are usually interspersed with those from delegates and IGOs to foster interactive dialogue.

The CSD-19 Bureau is currently in the process of deliberating the entry points for major groups at CSD-19 and the Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting (IPM). From past practice, it is expected that major groups' participation during these meetings will be comprised of the following entry points:

  • General statements from all nine sectors during the opening and closing day Plenaries
  • At least one multi-stakeholder dialogue, including one at the Ministerial level
  • Participation in all thematic and regional discussions
  • Participation in high-level roundtables
  • Participation in SIDS related discussions
  • Participation in Learing Centre and Partnerships Fair activities

Major Groups’ representatives

Because the interactive dialogues and thematic discussions aim to be interactive, there should be no delivery of official statements. Along with the high-level related activities, these segments often include a set of panelists to introduce the subject, followed by open discussion guided by prepared questions from the Chair. Major groups should be represented at the highest level possible in Ministerial dialogues, and the names of participating major groups should be provided to the Chair in advance.

The mechanisms for the identification of major groups’ representatives who will be sitting in the major groups’ seats and asking for the floor will be facilitated by the CSD-19 Major Groups Organizing Partners in consultation with the participating Major Groups’ representatives, and communicated to the Secretariat. Criteria for selection will include involvement in activities relevant to the current thematic cluster and the cross-sectoral issues, as well as regional and gender balance.