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Participation in the Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting of CSD-17
New York, 23 - 27 February 2009


More than 130 representatives from 40 different organizations participated in the CSD-17 Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting. During the meeting, the Commission on Sustainable Development considered the valuable contributions of major groups as they participated through the following entry points:

  • On Monday 23 February, major groups presented their Priorities for Action and outlined their views on policy options and possible actions in relation to the five thematic issues in the course of an interactive discussion.
  • From Tuesday 24 through Friday 27 February, major groups’ integrated participation was maintained and supported throughout the thematic discussions on agriculture, rural development, land, drought, desertification, Africa, and interlinkages.
  • On Friday 27 February, major groups provided brief reactions to the Chair’s draft negotiating document.
  • IPM entry points' details

Overall, major groups made a total of 53 interventions during the IPM. In addition, four major groups’ representatives served as expert panelists during the thematic discussions, three youth delegates participated through the Government delegations of Canada and the Netherlands, five side events and one working luncheon were organized by major groups, and a final debriefing was also held among several sectors on the day after the IPM’s conclusion.

  • To better understand the IPM and CSD-17 workflow click here

Major Groups Activities in Preparation to the IPM