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Climate Change:
Side Event, Copenhagen, Denmark 18 December 2009

COP15 Side Event #3
International Governance of Geoengineering Research

18 December 2009
Copenhagen, Denmark

Brief Introduction

Three COP15 side events that comprised the series "Science, Research and International Governance of Geoengineering" took place in Copenhagen between December 10 and 18, 2009.

Each event consisted of introductory presentations by Prof. John Shepherd (Royal Society) on the science and Dr. Jason Blackstock (CIGI) on governance, followed by a moderated discussion panel exploring the themes listed below. All sessions provided ample time for discussion and audience participation.

Side Events Details & Related Resources

For detailed background information and other resources related to the side event please click here.

Presentation Slides for all Three Events

  1. Geoengineering Key Messages
  2. The Science Underlying Geoengineering
    (presentation by Professor John Shepherd of the UK Royal Society)
  3. Governance Issues Raised by Geoengineering Research
    (presentation by Dr. Jason J. Blackstock of CIGI)

Side Event 3: Video

  • Event Moderator: Robin Lustig from BBC News’s The World Tonight
  • Discussants:
  • Watch the video of the full 90-minute event here, including presentations by John Shepherd and Jason Blackstock.