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Climate Change

Adaptation; Bridging Climate & Development

Focusing on Technology

Recognizing the serious links between development and climate change and with the world poised for renewed action in the run-up to COP15 in Copenhagen, the Division for Sustainable Development (DSD) of UN DESA is working to accelerate technology transfer in a way that advances both adaptation and the sustainable development in all countries. Progress in the design and transfer of environmentally sound technologies, particularly cleaner energy technologies and technologies for adaptation, will be an essential component of a comprehensive global effort for combating climate change—and for meeting countries’ sustainable and millennium development goals.

With these important objects at stake, DSD is identifying mechanisms for overcoming barriers and obstacles to technology transfer, and improving international cooperation on this important solution.  While UNFCCC agreements contain many references to technology transfer to developing countries, the focus of implementation has generally been on creating conditions in developing countries conducive to foreign investment and building capabilities to absorb and utilize imported technologies. UNDESA-DSD however, is emphasizing measures that Governmental technology suppliers can take to accelerate the distribution and adoption of technology in developing countries. It is also working to identify more effective methods of measuring and verifying the extent of environmentally sound technology transfer.

Lead up to COP15: 2 Key Meetings...

In the lead up to COP15, the DSD is organizing two key meetings where technology for adaptation is the focus. The Beijing High-Level Conference on Climate Change: Technology Development and Technology Transfer (November 2008) and its follow-up, the New Delhi High-level Conference on Climate Change: Technology Development and Transfer (22-23 October 2009). More from the DSD on COP15 >

Focusing on Water

The DSD has substantial expertise in the area of water and climate change adaptation, where it has engendered new research, capacity building and technical assistance.

Latin America...

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the DSD is enabling a pilot group of countries to use technology as a means of integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation with their national sustainable development strategies. A main goal is to redress the impacts of climate change on ecosystems, water resources, agriculture, coastal zones, and human health. 


In Africa, the DSD is implementing a project to help countries cope with water stress linked to poverty, land degradation, migration, and even conflict. With global warming expected to increase the variability rainfall, the DSD is building local expertise on integrated water management in African regions where insufficient infrastructure, population growth, and drought has left countries particularly vulnerable to water scarcity and the impacts of climate change.