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CSD Side Events on Climate Change

CSD-17 (2009)

Date Event Title Organizer
5 May Climate Change, it’s Impact on Agriculture, Land, Drought, and Africa, and Leading to Copenhagen Conference Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries
Protecting Health from Climate Change NGO Health Committee
Delving into a Deep Green Revolution: Responding to the Food Crises and Climate Stresses with Pro-Active Risk Management Heifer International
6 May Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security International Council for Science CGIAR, ESSP & IFAP
7 May Climate Change in African Drylands: Adaptation and Mitigation Options UNDP, UNEP, UNCCD Secretariat
11 May Climate Change and Older Persons Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
12 May Climate Change and Agriculture: The Role of Trade International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development with IPC
13 May First Preparatory Meeting for the Ministerial Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Montenegro and Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea, Italy
Dialogue on Climate Change Adaptation for Land and Water Management Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

CSD-16 (2008)

Date Event Title Organizer
12 May Sea Level Rise, Climate Change and its Impacts on Food Security in SIDS: Challenges and Opportunities

CSD-15 (2007)

Date Event Title Organizer
30 April The Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change Governments of the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu and the Baha’i International Community
Annual Report of the French Development Agency: Energy and Climate Change Permanent Mission of France to the UN
3 May Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change: NGO and Government Perspectives United Nations Association of the USA and Rainforest Alliance
Asian Aspirations for Sustainable Development in the context of the Climate Regime beyond 2012 Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Energy Revolution: A Blueprint to Solving Climate Change Greenpeace
Tackling Climate Change – Cooperation between the Developing and the Developed World International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
4 May Climate-Proofing Development: Mainstreaming Adaptation in Africa LEAD International
Energy for Sustainable Development and Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change: Integrating Cross-Cutting Issues into Mainstream Means of Policy Implementation Southern Diaspora Research and Development Center
7 May Climate Change – Energy Industry Blueprint On How to Tackle Climate Change World Energy Council and United States Energy Association
Renewable Energies in Connection to Climate Change: Policies, Projects & Challenges for Regions Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development
8 May Energy and Climate Justice in Indigenous Lands Indigenous Environmental Network / International Indian Treaty Council
9 May Climate Change and Sustainable Development in the High Altitude and in the Remote Areas Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DG Development Cooperation
Scaling Up Responses: The Gleneagles Dialogue on Climate Change, Clean Energy & Sustainable Development – Civil Society Consultations Deutscher Naturschutzring – Forum Umweit & Entwicklung and Chatham House
10 May Adaptation to Climate Change – What Makes the Caribbean Vulnerable Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre
International Trade, Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Transition ICTSD, UNEP and Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea
11 May Local Action on Climate Change ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
Addressing Climate Change Through Better Governance: Forestry and Electricity World Resources Institute

CSD-14 (2006)

Date Event Title Organizer
2 May How Can Institutions Help Address the Challenges of Energy, Industrial Development, Air Pollution, and Climate Change? International Social Science Council
3 May Climate Information in Support of Sustainable Development in Africa Global Climate Observing System, World Meteorological Organization
Myths and Realities: Nuclear Power, Climate Change and the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Greenpeace International and Global Resource Action Center for the Environment
A Gains Model for Latin America and Africa: Integrated Assessment of Economic Development, Air Pollution and Climate Change The Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment with ECOFYS
Tidal Energy for Sustainable Development and Adaptation to Climate Change Pan African Movement
4 May Asian Concerns and Perspectives on the Climate Regime Beyond 2012 Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Geothermal Resources: a hot key to a sustainable future Government of Iceland
The Science of Climate Change and its Impact: Priority Areas for Strengthening Science-Policy Links International Council for Science & WFEO, Scientific and Technological Community Major Group
5 May The IPCC Special Report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
11 May Energy for Sustainable Development, Industrial Development, Air Pollution/Atmosphere and Climate Change in China Government of China
National Development Reform Commission (NDRC)
Global Warming: Making the Connections Labor/Community Strategy Center