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Climate Change:
Conference, Malmö, Sweden, 8-9 December 2009

Road to Copenhagen Conference
Sustaining People and the Planer: A Fair Deal in Copenhagen

8-9 December 2009
The old City Hall, Malmö, Sweden

The Road to Copenhagen is a unique initiative that brings together key stakeholders in both the real and virtual world to contribute to and help shape the post 2012 climate change negotiations. The forum holds an annual conference, prior to the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the UNFCCC, where over 100 high-level participants convene to produce a politically-focused communiqué to be presented directly to the UNFCCC.

This year the DSD Director, Tariq Banuri was an invited panelist, speaking on the topic of State of play ahead of Copenhagen – what’s at stake?.

Dr. Banuri also served as a co-chair for the Working Group on Technology.