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2nd Implementation Cycle - Review Session
1-12 May 2006
New York

Preparatory Process


Regional Implementation Meetings

The Plan of Implementation adopted at the WSSD in 2002 stated that the implementation of Agenda 21 and the outcomes of the Summit should be effectively pursued at the regional and sub-regional levels, through the United Nations Regional Commissions and other regional and sub-regional institutions and bodies.

The CSD, at its eleventh session, invited the regional commissions, in collaboration with the secretariat of the CSD, to consider organizing regional implementation meetings, in order to allow effective consideration of regional and sub-regional inputs throughout the Commission’s new two-year implementation cycles. Such meetings should preferably take place before the review sessions of the CSD.

Pursuant to the invitation of the CSD, all five regional commissions have organized regional implementation meetings for CSD-14, in collaboration with other regional and sub-regional organizations and bodies, in their respective regions. The outcome documents from these meetings are available as follows:

Africa RIM

26-28 October 2005
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Asia and the Pacific RIM

19-20 January 2006
Bangkok, Thailand

Europe RIM

15-16 December 2005
Geneva, Switzerland