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Action taken by Secretary-General of Durban Review Conference regarding disruptive behaviour of three NGOs

23 April 2009

GENEVA -- The High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, in her capacity as Secretary-General of the Durban Review conference, has today taken the following action as a result of unacceptable disruptive behaviour by three non-governmental organizations (NGOs) inside the UN premises here in Geneva during the course of the conference, in clear violation of the rules laid down regarding the conduct of NGOs during the conference. These rules have been made available to all NGOs and can be viewed on the Durban Review Conference website.

Earlier in the week UN security staff, acting in accordance with those regulations, removed the badges of a total of 44 NGO participants in this conference. The breakdown is as follows.

After examining the types of conduct, and patterns of conduct, as well as the risk of possible disruptive behaviour during the remainder of the conference, the High Commissioner has issued an instruction that the badges of all the participants of three NGOs be removed, thereby effectively preventing their further participation in the Durban Review Conference.

The three NGOs whose participants will no longer be permitted to take part in this Conference are:

In all these three NGOs had registered a total of 229 participants (UEJF: 194; Neda 13; COEXIST: 22). Actual badges picked up by their delegates as of Thursday morning totalled 64 (UEJF: 31; Neda 12; COEXIST: 21).

The High Commissioner does not exclude the possibility of taking similar actions against any other NGO found to behave in a manner clearly violating the rules and regulations relating to behaviour inside UN premises during the remainder of this conference.


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