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Outcomes on Landlocked Developing Countries

Outcomes on Landlocked Developing Countries

International Ministerial Conference of Landlocked and Transit Developing Countries

Almaty, 25-29 August 2003

In 2002 United Nations General Assembly decided to convene in 2003 an International Ministerial Conference of Landlocked and Transit Developing Countries and Donor Countries and International Financial and Development Institutions on Transit Transport Cooperation. (RES/56/180) The Government of Kazakhstan offered to host the meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan, 28-29 August 2003. The International Ministerial Conference will be preceded by an open-ended intergovernmental preparatory committee in two sessions. The International Ministerial Conference is mandated, within existing resources and with voluntary contribution, to: (i) review the current situation of transit transport systems, including the implementation of the Global Framework for Transit Transport Cooperation of 1995 (ii) formulate, inter alia, appropriate policy measures and action-oriented programmes aimed at developing efficient transit transport systems The decision by the General Assembly to convene the International Ministerial Conference represents the will of the international community to move particular problems of landlocked developing countries, in general, and transit cooperation, in particular, higher on its priority list. The International Ministerial Conference on Transit Transport Cooperation is the first of its kind and it will provide the international community with a unique opportunity to galvanize international solidarity and partnership to assist landlocked developing countries to effectively participate in the international trading system, through, among other things, establishing transit systems.

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Source: ECLAC