Doha International Conference on Disability and Development 2019

Doha International Conference on Disability and Development 2019

The Doha International Conference on Disability and Development was held on 7-8 December 2019, under the guidance and patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Founder of Qatar Foundation for Social Work and its affiliated civil society centers.

The overall theme of the conference was “Harnessing the Power of Sustainable Development to Advance the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”. The key visionary item on the agenda of the conference was about how to rationalize, consolidate, contextualize, and streamline the nexus between the UN SDGs and the UN CRPD based on the co-production of social policy between civil society and governments to achieve meaningful structural change to achieve inclusive equality. By and large, this endeavor is more than likely to ignite a visionary 21st century approach that will positively impact 1.5 billion persons with disabilities worldwide.

The conference brought together the collective authentic voice of persons with disabilities, important actors in the UN system and regional systems responsible for human rights, sustainable development and development assistance, and innovative practice from around the world.

Doha International Conference on Disability and Development

This event was premised to form a global platform where disabled people’s organizations voice their authentic human rights, policymakers, governments, bi-laterals and multi-laterals and civil society organizations, experts, academics and other relevant stakeholders from all around the world will share their views and experience regarding ways and means of getting the best from the two approaches working together for the disability-inclusive future.

The landmark outcome of the conference is a “Doha Declaration” that formed a core reference point internationally for policy development about human rights and sustainable development in the context of disability.

Doha Declaration

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