Commemorations from around the world

UN System

UN Office in Geneva
3 December – A Day for All. A group of UN agencies, international organizations, independent experts and civil society organizations in Geneva are hosting a series of activities to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of persons with disabilities, as well as to reaffirm their commitment to the rights of persons with disabilities. Activities include an unveiling of an artistic intervention to the ‘broken chair’ monument, at the Place des Nations and a roundtable with Spanish actor and writer Pablo Pineda in Room XX at the Palais des Nations (See Flyer,Invitation)

UN Women
UN Women commits to continue to promote the production of disability statistics and, when available, use it in its research and work including in the context of sustainable development goal 5, on gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. For UN Women’s web feature for the Day see:

UNICEF is launching the global campaign to #Endviolence against children and adolescents with disabilities. Sponsors of the Campaign are UNICEF, UNFPA, the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities, the Office of the SRSG on Violence against Children, the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children and the International Disability Alliances. The online campaign #Endviolence against Children and Adolescents with Disabilities will focus on five main areas from stigma and discrimination, violence in emergencies to data on violence. The campaign will be launched on December 3rd and it will be rolled out through 2016.,

Global Commemorations

World Health Organisation
Colleagues at WHO headquarters in Geneva will celebrate the day with Ambassadors from a number of countries, representatives of UN agencies and civil society organizations, and the public. Following a roundtable during which participants will describe progress made in implementing the WHO global disability action plan 2014-2021 in select countries, colleagues will join a ceremony launching a temporary addition to Geneva’s iconic symbol, the Broken Chair, which will be equipped with a prosthesis. (

World Bank Group
Colleagues at the World Bank Group highlighted the issue of mental health as an “invisible disability,” to urge inclusion of persons affected by mental health issues in society and in international development efforts. (See blog post) (See Save the Date: Making Mental Health a Global Development Priority)

The German NGO Sozialhelden
is holding the worldwide mapathon “MapMyDay” in cooperation with the WHO, ITU and IBE-UNESCO to raise awareness for accessibility and to collect important information on the wheelchair accessibility of public places. People around the world are called upon to mark places in their neighborhoods according to their wheelchair accessibility on the online, crowdsourced map More information at

National and local commemorations

Physically-challenged Development Foundation (PDF), working with the students with disabilities, will arrange a rally and seminar at the University of Dhaka and the University of Rajshahi. Persons working with policy change will give their opinions on the sustainable development goal. PDF aims to develop an inclusive society and making all the university campuses disable friendly. (,

International Services, in collaboration with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) at the UN, is hosting a workshop about the development of public policies for disability with an awareness raising event together with the departmental committee of disability (CODEPEDIS). The event will take place at the main square in La Paz. (,

Bosnia and Herzegovina
“MyRight- Empowers people with disabilities” is implementing capacity building programme in five coalitions of organisations of persons with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina which will organize different activities to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Also, the Joint Commission on Human Rights of Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina together with the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH and Council for Persons with Disabilities of BiH is organising thematic session dedicated to the rights of persons with disabilities, following the ratification of UN CRPD. (www.

1. Community Futures Saskatchewan and the North Saskatchewan Independent Living Resource Centre’s Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Programs are hosting a workshop: Self Employment Resources for People with Disabilities. The panel of entrepreneurs with disabilities will share their stories of business success. There will also be a speed networking event that will showcase the many resources available for entrepreneurs with disabilities or health conditions in Saskatchewan. (

2. The Inclusion BC Foundation and BC Self Advocacy Foundation are teaming up to host a Sprout film festival – Making the Invisible Visible – in New Westminster on December 3, 2015. This film festival will be held at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster, featuring films created by and about people with developmental disabilities and Autism. This inclusive film event is open to the public and members. (,

3. The Association for Stroke and Head Trauma victims of the Estrie (Association des accidentés cérébro-vasculaires et traumatisés crâniens de l’Estrie) l’ACTE is putting on a show to commemorate IDPD. Beginning at 10:15 am, the show will be held inside the association’s building at 68 boul Jacques-Cartier N. in Sherbrooke, Québec. The Choir, made up of association members who have suffered a stroke or a head trauma and a few volunteers, will present 11 songs. This event is open to the public and members. (,

4. The London (Ontario Canada) Northeast Community Conversations Group [NECC] is hosting a candid and informative community conversation on Accessibility & Disability: Inclusion for All. Break-out sessions will focus on accessibility in relation to: Employment; Transportation; Recreation and Leisure; and Education. NECC is an multi-generational grassroots collective of Londoners who are passionate about helping build healthier communities and promoting positive transformative change through respectful dialogue, meaningful discussion, and shared thinking. ( )

Congo Handicap Members in South Kivu will organize sports activities, music, and support a walk through the national campaign to raise-awareness about the accession and ratification of the CRPD by Congo. Congo Handicap seeks partners to help promote these activities. (; Facebook:congohandicap)

Union of Associations of Persons with Disabilities (UAPD) is an organization of network of Disabled persons’ organizations (DPOs) in southern Ethiopia. To celebrate the IDPD 2015, UAPD will raise awareness of the issues of concern of persons with disabilities by involving communities, political leaders and other development actors’ through a walking campaign advocating the issues. The DPO will also organize t-shirts and head-capes, a panel discussion, photo exhibition, blood donation events with live TV and radio coverage. (

Faroe Islands – Tórshavn
The Ministry of Social Affairs, The Council on Disability Awareness and the Disabled Peoples Organization (NGO) will hold an event with presentations by the Director of Visit Tórshavn, who has been working with a programme regarding access for tourism in the Faroe Islands, and Clear Comm, who have developed a IT-communication program for people with autism. Faroese music will also be represented at the event. ( or

Lyhty ry Finland will broadcast two radio programs, with the theme ‘The Rights of Disabled Persons – Right to economic and social security’ together with University of Helsinki and National Taiwan Normal University. The discussion programs are hosted by disabled persons themselves with the support of the students from two universities who majored in education. Listen the programs from: (,,

CBM held a panel discussion on the disability inclusive implementation of the new sustainable development goals (SDGs). The evening event on Dec. 3 starts with an inclusive welcome of participants and mainly provides space for constructive exchange between State and Non-State Actors for a successful Agenda implementation. The State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, field experts of state and non-governmental development cooperation as well as disabled persons organizations representatives discuss why and how the SDGs must be implemented in a disability inclusive manner. Various guests from politics and NGOs are expected to attend the event. More information about the discussion and pictures from the event available on ( )

The Board of Directors of National Confederation of Disabled People in Greece (NCDP) participated in a meetings with the Prime Minister and President of Greece. NCDP has launched a campaign about 3rd December and the rights of disabled people and has also published the annual 3rd December Declaration of NCDP , with the main goals of the disability movement. (

1. Samarthanam Trust is organising the 11th Bengaluru Walkathon, which was first hosted in 2005. The event is a unique platform to bring together people from different walks of life, including persons with disabilities, to enhance awareness and a feeling of oneness, and to understand and appreciate their needs of equality and empowerment. The Walkathon is scheduled on December 12th, Saturday at Rani Chennamma Stadium Jayanagar, Bangalore, South of India from 3:00 PM onwards. (,

2. Department of Psychology, University of Calicut (Kerala) along with District Social Justice Department, Malappuram are jointly commemorating the day through a Differently Abled Talent Show in which over 500 students from various Special Schools in the District are expected to participate. An exhibition of their science models and craft items will also be held. Along with this, various competitions have been organized, such as Click Inclusion Photography Competition for the public as well as Writing and Painting competitions for school children, which will be exhibited and the winners awarded on the day. (

3. IEEE (Special Interest Group on Communications Disability) is organizing a “Sign Bee Contest” event for School Children in Bangalore, India. The purpose of this event is to popularize the learning of ‘Sign Language’ among school children who can then act as Interpreters for their disadvantaged friends in various social fora. This will go towards an inclusive society and help in removing the stigma associated with Hearing Impairment by sensitizing the society through education and awareness campaigns. (

4. ALAN T21 Welfare Trust in collaboration with State Association of the Intellectually Disabled (AID), Special Olympics Bharat-Kerala (SOB) along with the Chief Minister and other political leaders and Eminent speakers together hosting a public show ‘BUDDY MARCH’ on Dec 7th,2015 in different provinces of the State with a grand coverage at the capital city Thiruvananthapuram. (

5. The Department of Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry (at the Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University in Puducherry) in association with Indian Society of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry, conducted a screening and treatment program for children at Saday School for Special Needs in Puducherry. Dental treatment (ART), oral health care education, toothpaste and brushes were provided, along with a yoga performance by the children. The Day’s events also included an essay competition. (

Raad Rehabilitation Goodwill Complex, in collaboration with Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of Iran has organised a Rally to promote social inclusion of people with disabilities. People with all abilities who participate in this competition will need to read a map to find their way through the city from starting to finishing point. In addition, a one day event will be held on 3rd December in order to celebrate the IDPD and to increase public awareness of disability issues. The event will consist of inspirational talks and success stories of people with disabilities. (,

Iraqi Alliance of Disability (IADO) arranged a large national carnival, including certificates, casting national poems and songs and displays of folkloric costumes for women with disabilities. These activities were attended by various dignitaries and interested parties and the media. The call for the Day was the promotion of empowerment programs for people with disabilities to live their lives equally. (

Beit Issie Shapiro is organising a wide public campaign throughout December, aimed at changing attitudes and raising awareness to people with disabilities in the community. The campaign includes the displaying of photographer Rick Guidotti’s “Positive Exposure” international photo exhibition, in partnership with Beit Issie Shapiro, at a number of venues in Israel, including the Tel Aviv Cinemateque, the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), the Israeli High Court of Justice, and the Tel Aviv Cultural Center. In addition, a promotional video will be screened at movie theaters and three Israeli TV channels, and an article about Beit Issie Shapiro’s research on the perceptions of children towards children with disabilities will be published in one of the main daily newspapers. For more information: (,

In collaboration with regional and local government in the Italian region of Marche, the NGO – Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington, will organise a series of cultural events in the Italian cities of Urbino and Urbania. Using the language of visual and performing arts, interactive events aim to promote sensitivity to the concerns of persons with disabilities and their families, and to contribute to the long-term goal of lowering barriers and fostering social inclusion. (;

Association “Lithuanian Disability Forum“ is organising a special conference in the Parliament of Lithuanian Republic. LDF will present its alternative report on implementation of the CRPD in Lithuania. Legal gaps and practical barriers for effective implementation of the Convention will be highlighted. Together with the conference an exhibition revealing life in institutions will be opened, calling for debate on the reform of the social care system in Lithuania. (,

1. Malaysian Foundation For The Blind (MFB), together with local and international stakeholders will be holding a press conference on IDPD 2015 to enhance public awareness of persons with disabilities and also the importance of volunteerism. The emphasis is on the critical issues and everyday challenges faced. Speakers include several important community leaders. (,

2. The Special Education Program, Faculty of Education at the University Kebangsaan, in Pusanik is hosting an event at the university’s student centre, in line with the programme’s learning outcome on advocating persons with disabilities and raising awareness on disability. Students taking masters and undergraduate courses in special education will be organising awareness activities on disabilities. Children with autistic spectrum disorders from the faculty’s Autistic Learning Laboratory and other local organisation for persons with disabilities will be invited to celebrate the day along with other people without disabilities.(

As in previous years, the Maldives Association of Physical Disabled (MAPD) will be holding a ceremony in which concerned authorities will announce the opportunities to persons with disabilities for the future. Persons with disabilities and their parents will be given opportunity to express their concerns to government dignitaries including members of parliament. (,

Wheel chair users association of Mongolia and “Amici di Raoul Follereau” international NGO (AIFO) organized a meeting with the Minister of Road and Transport of Mongolia and its related agencies including Airport, Train, Road and Transport and discussed their accessibility challenges and provided recommendations. (

1. In Karu (Abuja), the International Care Initiative for the Physically Challenged (ici for pc) is collaborating with the traditional rulers based in Karu and Jikwoyi satellite towns. Government Agencies, the media, personalities and about seventy persons living with various forms of disabilities are expected to attend. A forum will be held were papers will be delivered by resource persons. Banners will be made, T-shirts and caps will be distributed and wheelchairs will also be distributed. At the end of the day, there will be an understanding of disability issues and support for the dignity rights and wellbeing of persons with disabilities. (,

2. The International Care Initiative for the Physically Challenged (ICI FOR PC) held an interactive session featuring presentations for securing the rights of Nigerians with disabilities. The event was attended by stakeholders including community leaders, Government officials, civil society organizations, media and representatives of persons with disabilities among others. The Highlights of the event were; cutting of the anniversary cake, donation of wheelchairs to youths with disabilities, the distribution of t-shirts and caps. (,

Plan International Norway, the Atlas Alliance, and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights is organizing a seminar which aims to promote an understanding of the situation of refugees with disabilities by highlighting the rights and wellbeing of refugees with disabilities. How do we ensure the rights of refugees with disabilities and what responsibilities do we have? Politicians as well as national and international aid organizations are invited to take part. (,

Family Education Services Foundation (FESF), in collaboration with Graeae Theatre Company (UK) and Artabled organised a education performance on Friday November 13, in promoting the IDPD 2015 theme and of promoting inclusiveness in Arts and development of opportunities and professional development for disabled artists & educators. FESF Deaf Reach students partnered with fellow students from Ida Rieu School & College for the Deaf and Blind and the JS Academy for the Deaf through a stage performance of Ted Hughe’s novel “The Iron Man”. Students promoted the concept of “inclusiveness” as a way of living. ( ,

Philippines and Vietnam

MY IDEA (Movement of the Youth for Inclusive Development through Education in ASEAN) is implementing a convention which aims to further empower student teachers to become advocates of inclusive education. This convention is a gathering of 35 student teachers from 10 Teacher Education Institutions in the province. The three-day event will to be held in Dumaguete City, Philippines on December 3, 2015. During the convention, Vietnam will also hold an event to bring the cause of inclusion at the local and global level. MY IDEA is a youth-led and youth run initiative whose goal is to mobilize student teachers in Negros Oriental to become advocates of inclusive education. (,

Saint Lucia
Sacred Sports Foundation Inc. is holding its 4th Annual Festival, spearheaded by the Ministry of Education Human Resource Management & Labour’s Special Education Unit and its special schools sports committee as part of their ongoing physical activity drive. The day’s activities will be aimed at: 1) Play: A fun day of physical activity and sports in an effort to engage special needs youth; 2) Build: An effort to develop greater cohesion between schools and communities and foster greater links in a friendly environment and 3) Join: An opportunity to educate young people and the general public to be more sensitive to the requirements of the special needs community and solicit their support and involvement in the programme. (,

Somali Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN) held a phenomenal event of IDPD 2015. This event carried two goals: first, to raise the awareness of people with disability in Somalia and to show the community that people with disability can fully participate in every aspects of live; second, to commemorate this important day of IDPD 2015. SODEN held panel discussions with two Ministers, Minster of Human Rights and Minster of Youth.(mfarah@somalidisability.org

South Africa
At 9:30 in Sandton,Talent Centric in partnership with the Technoseed Foundation and other corporate partners will be launching a programme to develop entrepreneurs living with disabilities. The programme aims to address the gap that exist for economic inclusion of people living with disabilities. The programme seeks to help persons with disabilities youth to create start-ups and innovate to get in the mainstream economy. In total the full program will ideate, educate, incubate and seeks to accelerate existing small enterprises owned by persons with disabilities in Africa. ( or,

On Thursday, December 3, Barcelona Tourism and Catalan Tourist Board organized the roundtable “Accessible tourism in Barcelona and Catalonia” and launched the Easy Walking Tour Quarter, the first guided tour of Barcelona for persons with reduced mobility. The Easy Walking Tour Quarter is the first pilot product designed for persons travelling in wheelchairs or walking with a cane, or tired when they are standing too long. It provides tourists with a 90-minute guided tour free from architectural barriers through the oldest neighbourhood of Barcelona (More here)

Sri Lanka
Piyapath Foundation will organize a walk for people with disabilities in the area that will begin at 9.00 a.m. on 3 December and cover Mirigama town. At the end of the walk, a public meeting will be held in Mirigama town (in front of the new bus stand) at around 11.00 a.m. (

The European Union is organising an interactive Exhibition entitled “How Colour Blind People See”, aimed at raising awareness on colour blindness, where people will be able to look at daily objects through the eyes of a colour blind person. The initiative “” consists of two main projects: inspiring a change in the motor vehicle code to allow access to all kind of driving licences and the establishment of a ministerial observatory on colour blindness (

The Department of Disability Affairs (DDA), a secretariat of the Zanzibar National Council for People with Disabilities, will organize a debate for students from public and private schools. The event will discuss the inclusion of people with disabilities and development in Zanzibar . Various programs to increase awareness of disability issues with live TV and radio coverage, documentary on best practice of persons with disabilities and advertisement on challenges facing persons with disabilities on accessibility of infrastructure will be aired (

Timor Leste
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) volunteers are working with four organizations and schools to organise and promote the public presence and enlightenment of people with disabilities in Timor-Leste. Students, people who come to rehabilitation, and volunteers from each participating NGOs and school walk around the town of Dili, the capital city, and pick up empty plastic bottles. All the participating NGOs and school gather together and assemble their segments as one big signboard. (

United Kingdom
1. Independent Living in Scotland project (ILiS) has organised Scotland’s first-ever Annual Disabled People’s Summit, titled ‘Getting our Rights right’. The event is for persons with disabilities, their organisations, allies and decision-makers. The event will discuss the status of human rights and equality for persons with disabilities in Scotland. (;

2. In Newbury, England, West Berkshire Disability Alliance and West Berkshire Independent Living Network will celebrate, together with others, themes of ‘Inclusion matters: access and empowerment of people of all abilities’, with inspirational speakers, information stands and networking opportunities, also exchanging greetings with colleagues around the planet, further to inspire international co-operation and solidarity. (,

3. Disability Action Wyre forest will be holding a public meeting in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, promoting accessibility for persons with disabilities at Wyre Forest. The group is currently working on ensuring all new dwelling built in the district have disabled access (,

4. In Coventry, West Midlands, Coventry City Council are working with assist-Mi, a Disabled Person’s User Led Organisation to launch the first ever citywide pilot deployment of their smartphone app disability assistance tool, revolutionising accessibility across the city. The aim is to showcase the most inclusive and accessible city in the UK, with many service providers signing up to the scheme, including (amongst others) public buildings, restaurants and universities to offer bespoke assistance to disabled users on the go. (,

5. Solihull Council, West Midlands, in partnership with key statutory and voluntary organisations, is hosting their third annual celebration. Four local initiatives will be promoted across Solihull, each involving persons with disabilities. Launched by the Mayor of Solihull, there will be a keynote speech on conquering fear and blindness to achieve success, various entertainers with a range of disabilities and information displays from 45 disability related services (See Solihull Council’s news page:– or email:

6. At theUniversity of Huddersfield, a stall was held by staff from the School of Human and Health Sciences, who worked alongside the Disability and Wellbeing team to speak and distribute leaflets to students and staff. The stall was also staffed by Service Users and Carers, who are involved with representing the voice of the Service Users and Carers within the School. (

United States
1. Manhattan Multicultural Counseling, Inc. (MMC) is holding a panel discussion on education and social inclusion. The focus will be on practical stategies and initiatives for giving access to education and social-emotional well-being for these chuldren through music, education and assistive technology (for more information:

2. The Auburn University and Auburn University at Montgomery Logan Project have organized a virtual event entitled “Solving the Problem of Accessibility to Math Education”. This will be a panel discussion on math education inclusion. The focus will be on the need for practical strategies and initiatives for giving access to math education and, in general, to STEM education. More information about the Logan Project Team and Goals can be found at ( ;

3. The U.S. International Council on Disabilities (USICD) hosted its annual gala at the Finland Embassy in DC. USICD honored US Senator Kelly Ayotte, longtime advocate for people with disabilities, and international disability rights advocate Kalle Könkkölä of Finland with the 2015 Dole-Harkin Award. The Award is granted annually for distinguished public service to the global disability community. (

4. Alexandra McArthur, founding member of Diversability and former Ms. Wheelchair America 2011, facilitated an interesting discussion about pushing boundaries, challenging today’s status quo and never giving up on creating new opportunities for those living with disabilities. (RSVP: , ).

5. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)  held a Q&A event with Congressman Langevin. The IFES recognizes that that all people – with and without disabilities – should have an equal opportunity to contribute their voice within the political life of their communities. In keeping with the theme of this year’s International Day, active political participation provides a path for persons with disabilities to reduce inequalities by dismantling institutional barriers, erasing social stigma and contributing to a stable democracy. In support of the effort for active political participation of persons with disabilities, IFES held a number of activities such a revamped webpage (, a Global RightsNow! Consortium ( and a voter education video (

6. A Presidential Proclamation was issued in commemoration of the Day, as the year 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the 40th anniversary of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


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