Work With Us

UN DESA makes its advisory services and capacity development assistance available to all countries and is always interested in working with partners to achieve sustainable results. Government ministries and national entities can approach UN DESA directly or through their Resident Coordinator, an important partner in identifying the right support and aligning it with the UN Strategic Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF). Upon receiving a written request or expression of interest, UN DESA will coordinate internally and work closely with the requesting entity to assess the needs, possible modalities of support and *feasibility including timeframe.
Interested national entities, RCOs and partners can contact UN DESA through the Capacity Development Programme Management Office (CDPMO) or the divisional directors with questions or suggestions on how UN DESA could support your work. Please use this contact us form indicating your area of interest. Your submission will be channeled to the appropriate entities.
Requests should include:

•    Requesting country;
•    Requesting authority and contact details;
•    Requesting date;
•    Main areas where UNDESA support is requested (including description of need)
•    Type of support (Advisory Services, training etc)
•    How UNDESAs support can contribute to the national development strategy?

Initial meetings via video conferencing tools will help determine the best fit. UN DESA can also facilitate contact with other relevant UN entities that may be in a better position to assist.

*Disclaimer: Given its limited resources and specific mandates, UN DESA might not be able to support requests that are: (a) not within its mandate or the key priority areas of work (for more details, see our “Areas of work”); (b) not focused on a (or several) developing country, LDC, LLDC or SIDS, unless the approach is innovative and can be replicated; (c) not a government entity or Resident Coordinators Office (RCO).

Please share your feedback
If you have recently received support through UN DESA, including through advisory services, we would appreciate your feedback. Your valuable comments will help us improve our support and incorporate suggestions and learnings into future projects, advisory services and activities.