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Oil Exports (By Phase)

Basic figures

The first oil under the programme was exported on 10 December 1996. For the first three six month phases the Security Council set a ceiling of two billion dollars on oil exports in each phase. For phases IV and V the ceiling was raised to $5.2 billion but the low price of oil and the state of Iraq's oil industry put that out of reach. In phase VI, the Security Council, resolution 1266 (1999), recognized the earlier shortfalls and permitted Iraq to export an additional $3 billion worth of oil. Security Council resolution 1284 (1999) removed the ceiling on Iraqi oil exports.

The table shows oil exports since the beginning of the programme through 20 March 2003. Oil exports under the Programme were suspended with the onset of war on that date. Security Council resolution 1483 (22 May 2003) lifted civilian sanctions on Iraq and called for the termination of the Oil-for-Food Programme within six months (21 November 2003). The resolution also provides that all proceeds from exports after 22 May 2003 be deposited in the Development Fund for Iraq, under the administration of the Coalition Provisional Authority "until such time as an internationally recognized, representative government of Iraq is properly constituted:"

The following table was last updated on 21 March 2003

Phase I - VIII Volume of oil
(millions of barrels)
Value of oil exported
One 120 2,150
Two 127 2,125
Three 182 2,085
Four 308 3,027
Five 360.8 3,947
Six 389.6 7,402
Seven 343.4 8,302
Eight 375.7 9,564
Total 2,206.5 $38,602
Phase IX - XIII Volume of oil
(millions of barrels)
Value of oil exported
Nine 293 6,668 (or $5,638)
Ten 300.2 6,004 (or $5,350)
Eleven 225.9 4,886 (or $4,589)
Twelve 232.7 5,517 (or $5,639)
Thirteen 169.6 €4,175 (or $4,413)
Total 3,427 €27,250 (or $25,629)