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Bureau Members (updated: 23-Mar-2005 )

49th Session
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The Commission, which began with 15 members, now consists of 45 members elected by the Economic and Social Council for a period of four years. Members, who are appointed by Governments, are elected on the following basis: thirteen from African states; eleven from Asian states; four from Eastern European states; nine from Latin American and Caribbean states; and eight from Western European and Other states. The Commission meets annually for a period of ten working days.

The Bureau of the Commission on the Status of Women (forty-ninth session, 2005) comprises the following members:

Ms. Kyung-wha Kang (Republic of Korea), Chairperson
Ms. Marine Davtyan (Republic of Armenia), Vice Chairperson
Ms. Tebatso Future Baleseng (Botswana), Vice Chairperson
Ms. Beatrice Maille (Canada), Vice Chairperson
Ms. Romy Tincopa (Peru), Vice Chairperson *

* Elected in the 49th Session.