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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Secretary-General's press encounter at Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Agreement with the Inter-Parliamentary Union

New York, 21 July 2016

I am very pleased to have signed this cooperation agreement between the IPU and the United Nations.

There was some previous agreement but this is much updated in view of the Sustainable Developments Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This agreement is in line with our future course of implementation process where we expect the United Nations and IPU will closely coordinate as one team.

The Members of Parliament, they are the ones who really listen to the real voices from the people on the ground and they represent the wishes and views and aspirations of the people. In that regard, I am very pleased that the United Nations and IPU have been maintaining a close partnership.

I sincerely hope that with this cooperation agreement we will even strengthen much much more our cooperative partnership between IPU and the United Nations. I really appreciate your leadership and your strong commitment. Let’s work together, working closely to meet the expectations and aspirations of many people. In fact, we are working for the people and for our planet and peace and prosperity and partnership. These I call it 5 Ps – people, planet, peace, prosperity and partnership. And I count on your leadership. Thank you very much.

And taking this opportunity, let me just say a few words about the troubling, most troubling situation in South Sudan. As you may know, I was in the region just a few days ago. I participated in the African Union summit where IGAD leaders had a summit meeting focusing on this current crisis in South Sudan.

Even though at this time the actual violence might have stopped for the time being, there is always a danger that this violence may reoccur. We have to make sure that there is continuing cessation of the violence and I am expecting and urging the leaders of South Sudan to sit down together and make a firm commitment that they will work as one team, the President and the First Vice President.

In the meantime, we are very concerned that there is continuing violence, sexual violence against women and girls, and attacks against United Nations humanitarian facilities, and looting of humanitarian assistance which should be used for many hundreds of thousands of people. The looting by SPLA of WFP warehouses - stealing all the food, which was meant for at least 220,000 people - this is totally unacceptable. We ask for accountability and those perpetrators should be held accountable.

Again, I am very much grateful for hard-working peacekeepers, and humanitarian workers, UN staff, NGOs, civil society and media who are working under very difficult and dangerous circumstances. The United Nations is working very hard and I had very good meetings with IGAD leaders. IGAD leaders have recommended the strengthening of the mandate and capacity of UNMISS, the UN peacekeeping Mission is South Sudan, and we sincerely hope that the Security Council will discuss the mandate of UNMISS and also take the necessary measures to strengthen the capacity of the United Nations peacekeeping Mission.

Thank you very much.

Off-the-Cuff on 21 July 2016