International Women's Day 2006
Women and Decision-making

Noelí Pocaterra


Noelí Pocaterra is a Wayuu (Guajira) indigenous woman and respected Arawak Elder. She is the founder of the Center for Indigenous Documentation and Research at the University of Zulia, Venezuela, where she studied law.

Ms. Pocaterra is currently a member of Venezuela's National Assembly, where she serves as the President of the Commission on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Ms. Pocaterra has also served as a Vice-President of the National Assembly.

She founded the Network of Indigenous Women, and was the first indigenous woman to serve on the Executive Council of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples. She organized the Inaugural meeting of the International Indigenous Communities, and has been a key player in the promotion of political and territorial rights during the drafting process of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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