Aims and objectives

The ultimate aim of the Action 2 global programme is to ensure that the rights of individuals are respected, through strengthened national human rights protection systems. Important elements of national human rights protection system include laws consistent with international human rights standards, effective functioning of courts, judiciary and law enforcement, procedures for individuals to effectively claim their rights, good governance and accountable government institutions that promote and protect human rights, and a strong civil society, including a free and independent media.

The three immediate objectives of the Plan are:

  • To build the capacity of United Nations country teams to understand the linkages between human rights, human development and humanitarian action and to work with their national partners in strengthening national human rights protection and promotion systems.
  • To ensure that human rights are fully integrated into the United Nations joint analysis and planning frameworks at the country level and encourage collaborative actions and joint programming on human rights among UN agencies, which should result in enhanced quality and coordinated support.
  • Encourage more active and meaningful engagement of UN agencies with the international human rights mechanisms, including increased ratification of the principal human rights treaties, strengthened support to the work of the human rights mechanisms, and enhanced programmatic responses to their recommendations.