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United States Contribution

Disability Rights Law Measures
in the United States

The United States would like to present as its contribution to the deliberations of the Working Group some information about Disability Rights Law Measures in the United States which may be useful to members of the Ad Hoc Committee in considering elements of a proposed disabilities convention.

1. Air and land transport.

Measures to ensure that public transportation is accessible to people with disabilities, for example, the requirement that all new buses be lift-equipped.

2. Employment.

Measures that ensure that persons with disabilities have equal opportunity to gainful employment and that employers, both public and private, make reasonable accommodations in the workplace. Such accommodations could include making job sites accessible, providing special computer equipment, and restructuring jobs through, for instance, flexible work hours and shifting non-essential job tasks.

3. Education.

Measures that ensure that all persons with disabilities receive an education appropriate to their needs and based on an individualized determination of need.

4. Government services.

Measures that make all the programs, services and activities of public governments accessible, including, for example, curb ramps on city sidewalks, sign language interpreters in the courts and police, and providing documents in Braille, on disk or in large print for legislative sessions.

5. Voting.

Measures to ensure exercise of the right to vote in an accessible location independently and privately.

6. Physical access.

Measures that ensure that all new and altered buildings are constructed so that they are accessible to all persons.

7. Telecommunications.

Measures that ensure that telecommunications systems are usable by people who have impaired hearing or speaking ability.

8. Web-site access.

Measures that ensure that services that are provided by websites are accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.

9. Housing.

Measures that ensure that the housing stock includes accessible features.

10. Healthcare.

Measures that ensure equal access to healthcare for people with the full range of disabilities, including those with psychiatric disabilities.

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