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Employment and Sustainable livelihoods

Employment and sustainable livelihoods is one of the priority areas of action identified by the General Assembly to further the equalization of opportunities of, by and with persons with disabilities. In paragraph 4 of its resolution 56/115, the Assembly “Encourages Governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and the private sector, as appropriate, to continue to take concrete measures to promote the implementation of relevant United Nations resolutions and agreed international standards concerning persons with disabilities, in particular the Standard Rules, and for the further equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities by focusing on accessibility, health, education, social services, including training and rehabilitation, safety nets, employment and sustainable livelihoods, in the design and implementation of strategies, policies and programmes to promote a more inclusive society.”

Employment and Sustainable livelihoods

Meetings, Workshops, and Seminars
bullet Interregional Consultative Expert Meeting on disability-sensitive policy design and evaluation for sustainable livelihoods for all in the twenty-first century, Jakarta, January 15-17, 2002
bullet Seminar on employment and sustainable livelihoods of people with disabilities, United Nations, 26 April 1999
bullet Independent Living and Sustainable Livelihoods (International Day of Disabled Persons 2002)
Individual Contributions
bullet Issues in gender-sensitive and disability-responsive policy research, training and action, Margaret Snyder, April 1999
bullet Las personas con discapacidad sí pueden integrarse a la economía internaciónal by María Cristina Sará-Serrano Mathiason, April 1999
bullet Micro credits, Espaces Francophones, Espaces Anglophones, Espaces Vernaculaires by Edith Vanneuville-Zerouki, April 1999
Recent periodic reports of the Secretary-General on the Implementation of the World Programme Action concerning Disabled Persons contain overviews of policies and programme activities of Governments, intergovernmental organizations, the United Nations System, and non-governmental organizations.
Additional Resources
bullet Compilation of International Norms and Standards Relating to Disability
bullet Disability and the world of work
bullet Laboroc ILO Library

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