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UN Programme on Disability   Working for full participation and equality

International Day of Disabled Persons, 8 December 1998International Day of Disabled Persons
3 December 1998

Theme for 1998

* Message of the Secretary General

* Observance of the Day

* Howard Silverman Award for excellence in disability computing

The theme for the observance of the International Day in 1998 at United Nations Headquarters was "Arts, Culture and Independent Living". The theme reflects a number of priority concerns of the World Programme of Action concerning Disabled Persons, its "equalization of opportunities" objective in particular.

The World Programme of Action urges that Governments, which have not already done so, ensure that persons with disabilities have opportunities to utilize their creative, artistic and intellectual potential to the enrichment of society as a whole.

The World Programme encourages Governments: to provide services to enable persons with disabilities to live as independently as possible; to promote opportunities for persons with disabilities to establish, develop and manage such services; and to adopt policies and establish structures and services that ensure equal opportunities for productive and gainful employment by people with disabilities in open markets.


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