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UN Programme on Disability   Working for full participation and equality

Implementation of the World Programme of Action
concerning Disabled Persons

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Annex II.

Projects co-financed in cooperation with the Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organization (AGFUND)


Africa Djibouti

Assistance to Disabled Persons. Government of Djibouti (UNCSDHA 10/13 DJI).


Development of National Orthopaedic/Functional Rehabilitation Centre. Government of Mauritania (UNCSDHA 21/13).


Vocational Training of Physically Disabled Persons. Government of Sudan; executed by the International Labour Organization (UNCSDHA 8/11 SUD).


Establishment of a Transitional Production Workshop International. Government of Swaziland; executed by the International Labour Organization (UNCSDHA 12/17).


Agricultural Training for Visually Disabled Persons. Government of Tunisia; executed by the International Labour Organization (UNCSDHA 10/13 TUN).


Integrated School for Disabled Children. Government of Uganda; executed by the Society of Abilities for the Physically Handicapped (UNVFD 29/12).

West African subregion

Workshop for Key Medical and Technical Personnel in Prosthetics and Orthotics for West African Subregion (UNCSDHA 8/11-RAF/89/D34).

Regional Africa

Assistance à la Fédération ouest-africaine pour la promotion des personnes handicapées. West African Federation of Association for the Advancement of Disabled Persons (UNCSDHA 11/19).

Asia-Pacific India

Pilot project on family-based services for disabled children. Government of India; implemented by Association for the Development of the Multiply Handicapped Child (UNCSDHA 8/11 IND).


Resource Centres for Blind Women. Government of Pakistan; implemented by Pakistan Association for the Blind (UNCSDHA 8/11).

Europe Turkey

Technical/Vocational Institute for Hearing Impairment. Government of Turkey; Anadolu University (UNVFD 28/10).


Support for rehabilitation of disabled persons, Slovenia; Ljubljana Service for Technical Cooperation (UNCSDHA 8/11 YUG).

Latin America and the Caribbean Dominican Republic

Pilot Training Centre in Orthopaedics and Prosthetics. Government of the Dominican Republic; executed by Institute of Santo Domingo of the Dominican Rehabilitation Association (UNCSDHA 12/16).


Training Mentally Disabled Persons. Government of Haiti; executed by L’Arche d’Haïti (UNCSDHA 8/11 HAI).


Production of Textbooks in Spanish Braille. Government of Uruguay; executed by the Braille Foundation of Uruguay (UNCSDHA 10/13 URU).

Western Asia Jordan

Expansion of the Amman Centre for the Physically Handicapped. Government of Jordan (UNCSDHA 23/11).


Training and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons. Government of Lebanon (UNCSDHA 10/13 LEB).


Expansion of the Broummana Centre of the Al-Amal Institute for Mentally Retarded Children. Al-Amal Institute (UNCSDHA 21/14).

Western Asia

Workshop for Key Medical and Technical Personnel in Prosthetics and Orthotics for Western Asia (UNCSDHA 8/11-RAB/91/D09).

Western Asia

Technical Advisory Services to Gulf Countries for Development of Statistics of Disabled Persons. United Nations Statistics Division (UNCSDHA 11/16).

Global Pilot Programme to Promote the Manufacture of Lower-Limb Prostheses in Developing Countries. Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group, Ltd. (UNCSDHA 11/17).

Stimulation and Monitoring by Rehabilitation International of Concerted Action in Selected Target Areas of Disability Prevention. Rehabilitation International (UNCSDHA 11/18).

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